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For more than four decades, the aggressive Tacoma personal injury lawyers at Brett McCandlis Brown & Conner, have been fighting for the rights of injured people and grieving families throughout the state of Washington.

We’re proud to be a part Tacoma’s rich fabric of small businesses and outstanding community members. When life unleashes the unexpected, our team is here to help make things right again.

Car Crashes & Pedestrian Accidents Are Common in Tacoma

Though its population officially hovers around 200,000, the people of Tacoma know that the actual metro size is considerably larger than that.

That’s because Tacoma is the central economic hub for the entire South Sound region, which boasts a population of more than 1 million. Many of those people travel to or through Tacoma on a regular basis, and that means that “Grit City” sees more traffic than its Census data might suggest.

Accordingly, auto accidents are all too common. In particular, distracted driving and drunk driving have proven consistently problematic.

Likewise, despite Tacoma having landed on Prevention.com’s list of “The Most Walkable Cities in America,” bicycle and pedestrian accidents are a fact of life here, too.

As Tacoma personal injury attorneys, we routinely recover compensation on behalf of injured drivers, passengers, and pedestrians throughout Tacoma and Pierce County, Washington.

We know that the insurance companies frequently underestimate the actual cost of damages, and we’re here to demand that victims get every penny that they’re owed under the law.

Other Personal Injury Accidents in Tacoma, WA

With more than 40 years of experience, our Washington personal injury lawyers have seen it all. We’re ready to represent any personal injury claim, no matter how big, small, or unusual it might seem. Our team has a tremendous record of results, including victories in medically complicated cases. Whatever you’re going through, we’d like to help.

In addition to motor vehicle accidents and pedestrian injuries, Brett McCandlis Brown & Conner is prepared to assist with:

You vs. The Insurance Company

It’s important to understand the role that insurance companies play in most injury claims today. No matter who’s at-fault for your accident – a bad driver, a negligent employer, a careless doctor, an inattentive neighbor, etc. – your claim is likely to end up on an insurance company’s desk.

Unfortunately, despite their catchy commercials and slogans to the contrary, America’s insurance companies don’t represent your interests. They aren’t invested in protecting your rights, and you can’t count on them to give you a fair deal.

In fact, you should never agree to a settlement offer with an insurance company – and never sign any forms – without talking to experienced Tacoma personal injury lawyers first.

After all, if the insurance company thinks that it’s a good deal for them, it’s probably a bad deal for you.

You may be entitled to much more than you realize. Our Tacoma, WA personal injury lawyers will work hard to make a clear path toward optimal compensation for your claim.

Insurance companies are large and powerful, but they have to play by the rules. Having an experienced and aggressive legal team in your corner can make all of the difference. That’s what we’re here for.

At Brett McCandlis Brown & Conner, we’ve recovered millions of dollars in compensation for our clients. We know how to challenge and defeat insurance companies. Let us fight them for you.

Time Matters. Act Fast.

In litigation and insurance claims, timing is everything. The State of Washington applies strict time limits to most injury claims, so it’s in your best interest to take action as soon as possible.

It is always a good idea to see a doctor after a physical accident – even if you don’t think you’ve been injured. Many of our clients were surprised to learn that their accidents were more serious than met the eye.

Even among those who weren’t catastrophically injured, a documented visit to the doctor has sometimes helped to establish the seriousness of their claims.

Of course, in any medical emergency, your first course of action should be to dial 911.

The Sooner You Contact Our Tacoma Personal Injury Attorneys, The Better

Soon after seeking medical attention, give our Tacoma personal injury attorneys a call. We can connect you with the resources you need right away. We also offer free consultations in order to explain your rights and outline your best next steps.

Contact our proven and winning Tacoma personal injury lawyers, Paula, Matt, Dave, and Dean today. Remember: We don’t get paid unless you do! You have nothing to lose. Call us right away at 800-925-1875.