Washington Airplane Accident Lawyers

Washington aircraft accident lawyersWhile news media pays close attention to plane crashes involving commercial jets, the more common aircraft crashes involve small planes. Aviation accidents are relatively uncommon, but when they occur, injuries and fatalities are virtually guaranteed.

Our Washington airplane accident lawyers have direct experience managing the complicated claims that follow a plane crash. We know how to prove negligence, we know how to establish liability, and we know how to deal with the numerous insurance companies and defense attorneys who are inevitably involved in any airplane-accident personal injury claims.

What does a successful plane-accident claim look like?

When a client is suffering from injuries suffered in a plane crash, or when someone has died in an aircraft accident, we know that the people involved need immediate help to begin the process of recovery. Our airplane accident injury attorneys take over the legal process, allowing crash survivors, or the families left behind, to focus on the healing process. A successful personal injury claim is one in which our client receives a settlement or verdict that enables them to fully recover financially, and compensates them for their current and future losses.

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As Washington personal injury lawyers, we have achieved exceptional results for our clients after an aircraft accident, including:

  • Confidential multi-million dollar settlement of aircraft accident case.

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We believe that our clients, already traumatized by an airplane crash, should not be traumatized again during a legal claim.  Contact us today to learn how we can help you. We have an office in Seattle, as well as in other locations in Washington State.