Over $100 Million Recovered

$6 MILLION largest trip and fall award
$4.5 MILLION wrongful death in trucking accident
$3.3 MILLION victim of sexual abuse in foster care
$2.2 MILLION motorcyclist killed by commercial vehicle
$2 MILLION wrongful death of pedestrian hit by fleeing driver

What Can Our Experienced Attorneys Do For You?

We coordinate with your medical providers to handle medical bills.
We determine how to keep money coming in while you recover.
We deal with insurance adjusters and handle the claims process.

Our Washington Personal Injury Attorneys

David Brown
Paula McCandlis
Dean Brett
Matt Conner

David Brown

In every case, with every client, I spend the time to talk straight about the law.

What is important to me is that I sit down and talk to each client about the law, to explain the law that applies to his or her case. It is important to me to spend this time because I want each client to understand all legal options and then let them choose which option is right for them. I want clients to feel that they are calling the shots in their case. When an injured client has all the information about the facts of their injury case and understands the legal rules that apply, they can make a decision that is best for them personally.

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Washington State Personal Injury Lawyers – Brett McCandlis Brown & Conner

From the moment you hire us as your Washington State personal injury lawyers, you can stop worrying about medical bills, lost work, insurance adjusters, damaged vehicles, and future expenses. You can concentrate on recovering physically and emotionally – we concentrate on your financial recovery. With the main office in Seattle, WA, our Washington injury lawyers are compassionate, knowledgeable, and aggressive when it comes to fighting for your rights.

When you experience a car accident, personal injury, or wrongful death in the State of Washington, you can depend upon us to fight by your side. We have assisted many of our clients – Washingtonians just like you and your family – with the legal side of terrible accidents, painful injuries, and tragic wrongful deaths. Now, we want to do the same for you.

It costs nothing up front to hire us; we get paid when you do. Our team of Washington State personal injury attorneys travels throughout the state helping badly hurt people wherever they live. Contact us by calling 1-206-693-4657 or by completing our confidential contact form by clicking the link below. Request Free Consultation

Exceptional Legal Representation in Washington State

Car Accidents
Personal Injury
Wrongful Death

Car Accidents

Justice for Your Car Accident Claim Is Available – But You Have to Demand It

The state of Washington is one of the nation’s safer places to drive. Not safe, mind you – just safer than most other states. Statistics fade into meaninglessness, however, once you become one of them. A serious auto accident is a tragedy. However, tragedy becomes monstrous injustice when the injured person is not the one who caused the accident.Washington has created a system designed to restore justice in this situation (at least as far as money damages are capable of restoring justice). The process is far from automatic, however. Justice must be fought for and the arcane rules of liability, evidence, and civil procedure render enforcement a daunting prospect for an injured victim attempting to represent himself.

Most Car Accident Claims Are Resolved Out of Court

Washington offers three main ways for you to secure compensation in the event that you sustain an injury in a car accident:

  • Negotiation: Negotiation with an insurance company is the most common way of resolving a car accident claim. The end result is an enforceable settlement agreement.
  • Arbitration: Washington law requires you to arbitrate claims of less than $15,000 (less than $50,000 in some counties).
  • Trial: If your claim is large enough, and if you cannot reach a private settlement, a full-blown trial might be your only option. Claims proceed all the way to trial less than ten percent of the time.

Regardless of how you end up resolving your claim, the assistance of a seasoned Washington personal injury lawyer is likely to be critical. We understand how difficult the days, weeks, and months that follow a serious car accident can be, which is why we offer our services to you. From the moment you agree to work with us, we will handle all of the paperwork, filings, and negotiations surrounding your car accident.

Car Accidents
Wrongful Death
Bicycle Accidents
Motorcycle Accidents
Truck Accidents
Traumatic Brain Injuries
Pedestrian Accidents
DUI Accidents

Why Choose Us

We help you get the best possible medical care available.
Getting you the medical care you need to recover is our top priority. As your advocates, we will work with the doctors, the medical facilities, the insurance companies, and all others to make sure that you receive the best care available for the treatment of your injuries.
We help you get your medical bills paid.
While you focus on getting well, our personal injury lawyers in Washington will make sure that all your bills are getting paid. We navigate the complex layers of insurance coverage to track your medical bills, obtain reimbursement of medical expenses, and optimize settlements to ensure that your current and future costs are fully covered.
We create a fund for future medical bills.
What if you still need help 20 years from now? Our experienced team of personal injury lawyers and paralegals in Washington State works closely with medical providers to obtain a settlement which provides for all possible medical costs that you may encounter in the future.
We get you fully compensated for your property loss.
Although you are entitled to be fully compensated for your losses, getting what's owed can be a struggle. As your Washington personal injury attorneys, we'll take on the insurance adjusters, repair shops, and auto-towing companies to make sure that you receive every dollar that is owed to you.
We help you hold the insurance companies responsible.
The amount of pain, suffering, and duress that one suffers after an injury or accident can be great. For this reason, it’s especially important to receive compensation for pain and suffering that’s rightfully owed to you from insurance companies. We’ll be sure to pursue any possible claims you may have for the physical, emotional, or financial pain that’s been caused by this accident or injury.
It costs nothing up front to hire us; we get paid when you do. Our team of Washington State personal injury attorneys travels throughout the state helping badly hurt people wherever they live. Contact us by calling 1-206-693-4657 or by completing our confidential contact form by clicking the link below. Request Free Consultation

What Our Clients Say

Thank you Matt Conner and team (especially Lauren and Maddie). You patiently navigated through all the obstacles to get the best possible outcome for me and my case. Anyone going through the trauma of injury from an accident can expect the utmost compassion, professionalism and honesty from Matt and his team. I highly recommend this firm.

— Diane K

Matt and the team at BMBC were terrific! Highly recommend! They are so nice, and a great pleasure to work with. We had a matter that required his expertise. My wife and I are so thankful for his care, compassion and understanding. He listened and heard our concerns, and through his skill and experience, was able to advocate very effectively on our behalf. Along the way, he and the staff were kind and attentive, and everything you'd want from a law firm in our circumstances. Thank you!!

— Scott R

After a serious biking accident, my wife and I thought it would be simple dealing with insurance companies. Well, it's not! We are so thankful we hired a personal injury attorney. Matt Conner helped us navigate this complicated process as I was recovering from multiple injuries. We appreciated his expertise and compassion, as well as the clear communication with both Matt and his excellent paralegal, Maddi. We highly recommend Matt Conner and his team!

— John E

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