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The fascinating thing about personal injury law is that each case represents a real human story, not just a legal one. Our attorneys each use their individual experience, training, and expertise to identify the strengths and issues related to each case, and work exhaustively to make sure every claim is supported from every angle. This means that each case is unique and interesting. Read the stories behind our cases, including:

Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death of Teenage Boy in Jet-Ski Collision-$2,500,000 – Our client died in a jet-ski accident with no automobile insurance available. Brett Law determined that homeowners insurance provided coverage, and the Estate recovered $2.5 million for his tragic death.

$2.3 million Largest Wrongful Death Jury Verdict in Skagit County History at the Time– 4 people died in a landslide that originated from an old abandoned logging road. Attorney Dean Brett convinced the jury to hold the state liable for a defect in a road built in the 40’s and not used since 1962. He also convinced the jury to award a substantial sum to the adult survivors of the victims, even though there was no future economic loss and no loss of support to the survivors.

Wrongful Death of Teenage Pedestrian Hit by Truck-$1,000,000 – A towing company hired a known drug addict to work for them. While impaired, he drove his tow truck, drifted over the center line and struck and killed a 14-year-old boy who was walking on the other lane pushing a bicycle.

Largest Wrongful Death Jury Verdict for Minor in Whatcom County History – A 16-year-old was riding his motorcycle when he died after colliding with a freight train parked across a little-traveled county road in the dark.

Largest Wrongful Death Jury Verdict in Kittitas County History – Our client was on the job when the defendant, who was an employee, negligently drove a big rig truck off the road and killed both himself and our client, resulting in an $800,000 verdict.

Wrongful Death Settlement from a Defective Highway Design – Three workers were dispatched by a local fruit company to haul a load of garbage to a local dump. The front wheel of the truck slipped off the road and the driver lost control, hit a tree, killing the two passengers. Four separate attorneys turned down the case before Brett Law obtained a $650,000 settlement for the widow.

Wrongful Death of Pedestrian Hit by Fleeing Driver – $2,000,000

Wrongful Death of Man Killed Accidentally by Police – $1,000,000

Wrongful Death in Trucking Accident – $4,500,000

Motorcyclist Killed by Commercial Vehicle – $2,200,000

Man Killed by Police during Arrest – $2,000,000

Motorist Killed in Fiery Crash – $1,300,000 (policy limits)

Drugged & Drunk Driving Auto Accidents

$5.5 Million, largest jury verdict in Skagit County – Our client was injured in a head-on collision with a drunk driver who had been released from a prior drunk driving arrest by a state trooper less than two hours before the accident. Instead of booking the drunk driver into jail or impounding her car, the trooper drove her home. The drunk driver called a taxi, returned to her car and got back on the road, hitting our client head-on.

Golf Cart Accident caused by Drunk Driver-$215,000 Settlement – Our client, a professional baseball player, and several teammates went to a local pub after a game. After a few drinks, the group saw an unoccupied golf cart, and poor judgment compelled them to take it for a joyride. The cart crashed into a fire hydrant, severely fracturing our client’s right ankle and ending his career in sports.

Major Personal Injury

Pedestrian Struck by a Train-$3,500,000 – How do you get sufficient damages for an industrial worker who leaves his work station, borrows his employer’s front-end loader, parks it across a railroad track at 2:00 A.M., dismounts to load the bucket with railroad ties for his own personal use, and fails to notice an oncoming train?

Closed Head Injury in a Rollover-$1,750,000 – Our client was in a high-speed, roll-over freeway accident, resulting in multiple spine fractures and a closed head injury that ended his career as a physician. Since his insurance company denied full coverage by arguing that at 56, our client was near retirement and didn’t need to work. Attorney Dean Brett established that without the accident, our client would have continued to work at least ten more years, resulting in a wage loss claim of $1.2 million and a total settlement of $1,750,000.

Worker Struck by Backing Service Truck – $1,500,000

Man Injured in Trip and Fall in Parking Lot – $1,550,000

Largest Trip and Fall Award in the State at the Time for Woman Who Fell in Poorly Lit Parking Lot – $6,000,000

Man Injured When He Fell at a Waste Transfer Station. -$1,000,000

Boy Savagely Attacked by Dog- $1,400,000

Victim of Sexual Abuse in Foster Care – $3,300,000

Woman Who Fell on Ice in a Parking Lot – $1,000,000

Woman Hurt by Medical Transport Company – $1,200,000

Other Personal Injury

Fractured Leg of Pedestrian-$490,000 – Our client was an elite runner who trained up to 20 miles a day, 6 days a week. During a run he was hit by a 17 year old driver who had fallen asleep at the wheel, causing serious orthopedic and head injuries including tibia/fibula fractures, ligament injuries, ankle and foot injuries which ended his career as a top-level marathon runner.

Pedestrian’s Multiple Fractures Lead to Nearly $450,000 Settlement – Our client was walking her dog when she was struck in a marked crosswalk by a 23-year old driver. The force of impact threw Jane onto the car. Her injuries included fractures to her arm, leg, rib, and facial bones.

Pedestrian Struck by Car on Sidewalk – $346,000

Man Hit in Arm by Stray Firework – $324,000

Knee and Back Injuries Suffered in Parking Lot Collision – $500,000

Victim of Sexual Harassment – $324,000

Passenger Injured When Her Husband Lost Control of Their Vehicle and Crashed into a Barrier. -$480,000

Worker Suffering a Hand Injury in Lumber Mill -$650,000

Recovery for Man Injured in Car Accident – $750,000

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