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slip and fall accident lawyer Washington stateInjuries from falls are commonplace, but occasionally someone is hurt from a fall that is caused by negligence. Some examples include:

  • A fall on an icy sidewalk that should have been safely maintained;
  • A fall in a parking lot caused by an uneven surface or tripping hazard;
  • A fall on public stairs that were poorly lit or lacked safety railings.

Helping clients heal is our job.

Our law firm has worked with many clients injured in similar ways, and we know how devastating these injuries can be. Recovery can take months, and medical bills can be astronomical.

One of the real challenges in helping our clients recover after a fall is that negligence must be proven. Our attorneys quickly undertake the process of preserving evidence, photographing injuries and the location of the fall, and interviewing witnesses before they become hard to locate. Our diligent Washington slip and fall accident lawyers spend great effort to ensure that every claim is fully supported by this evidence, to ensure a full settlement that will enable our clients to move forward.

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As Washington personal injury lawyers, we have achieved exceptional results for our clients injured in falls, including:

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