Settlement Amount: $450,000
Broken Bones
Slip and Fall Accidents

Brett McCandlis Brown & Conner attorney Matt Conner took on a challenging case for his client who was seriously injured in a fall caused by an unsafe environment at a local racing track.

Matt’s client was enjoying the day at the track when she stepped down onto a bleacher that was not bolted down. She fell, badly fracturing her lower leg. After being rushed to the local hospital, the doctors there realized the fracture was so bad that they needed to transfer her to Harborview Hospital in Seattle for treatment.

After two operations, 10 days in the hospital, another 20 days in a skilled care facility, and more than a year of physical therapy, our client had to undergo a second surgery to remove the hardware that was causing her constant pain.

The medical bills had grown to nearly $160,000.

Matt undertook extensive negotiations with the insurance company, and succeeded in attaining a $450,000 settlement for his client. These funds will help her recover fully, will pay for any future medical treatment she needs, and will compensate her for the pain and disability she experienced during her long recovery.