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Motor crash accident in Tacoma early morning.If you are a biker, you probably already know that Tacoma is a great place to ride. It is located in the bosom of Puget Sound and is surrounded by stunning landscapes and beautiful natural parks – making it a fantastic place to relax and ride. But even in the midst of all that beauty, tragedy can strike. And when it does, you may feel overwhelmed about what to do to get your life back on track.

That is where the experienced Tacoma motorcycle lawyers at Brett McCandlis Brown & Conner PLLC can come to your aid. Although what you are experiencing can seem insurmountable right now, you can rest assured that we have helped thousands of riders just like you to get their life back in order after such a life-altering crash.

Why Are There So Many Motorcycle Crash Accidents?

According to the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, the average number of motorcycle deaths each year in Washington is 75. And that is just the fatalities – the number of injuries is likely much higher. And although that may not be a huge number, it is certainly significant enough to warrant a moment of thought. Why are motorcycle accidents so deadly, and why are there so many.

The answer to the question of why these accidents are so deadly is really pretty obvious. Motorcyclists have no protection surrounding them like the drivers of cars, vans, and SUV’s do. There is no metal surrounding their body, and there are no airbags. It is just the driver’s body and the asphalt – with a motorcycle in between.

To answer the question of why are there so many motorcycle accidents, we may need to think for a moment.

Are Bikers Ignored, or Actually Not Seen?

What’s happening on one level is that bikers are difficult to see simply because they are smaller than cars. The average driver is on the lookout for things around them that are the same size or bigger than their car. But when something is smaller and the person driving it is dressed in dark colors, visibility becomes an issue. And you cannot avoid hitting something that you don’t even see until it is too late.

That being said, there is also the issue of negative cultural perceptions surrounding bikers that may make many drivers fail to be as careful around bikers as they should be. Even though the days of “the outlaw biker” have long come and gone, the fact of the matter is that bikers today include people from every educational and income level. Old stereotypes die hard. So it isn’t completely unreasonable to suggest that some people still think that, if you’re a biker, you must be “bad” or a rebel of some sort. These same folks might not sympathize much with a person who chooses to ride the open road with no protection. After all, if you make that choice then you assume the risk that comes with it, right?

So it is possible that:

  • It actually is more difficult to see a bike coming at you, and
  • Those people may not be quite as motivated to “watch out” for you if they think that you are asking for trouble by riding a bike in the first place.

Let Us Be Your Spin Doctor

A Tacoma biker showing his dangerous moves.So if you’ve been injured in a motorcycle crash accident, one of the first things you need to do is speak to an experienced Tacoma motorcycle accident lawyer. Our proven Tacoma motorcycle accident attorneys know how to protect you from all the traps that may be set for you by the defendant, the defendant’s insurance company, and ultimately, possibly even the jury. In motorcycle collision cases it can be challenging to:

  • Properly recreate and analyze the accident for the purpose of determining fault
  • Keep from saying something to the insurance adjusters that will hurt your case
  • Overcome the stigma that the rider asked for it by risking getting on the road on a motorcycle

The complexity of such cases truly requires the expertise of an experienced Tacoma motorcycle accident lawyer like the ones we have ready to serve you at Brett McCandlis Brown & Conner PLLC.

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