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The 30,000 or so residents of Pullman, Washington (originally known as Three Forks) have a lot to be proud of. Although the town sits right in the middle of one of the most fertile agricultural regions in the United States and is surrounded by the gorgeous Palouse Hills, it is no rural backwater – it is home to Washington State University, one of the nation’s premier research universities. Moreover, Pullman’s research prowess and educated population no doubt played a role in the decision of Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories to locate its international headquarters in town.

Pullman, along with surrounding Whitman County, offers both pastoral beauty and small-town serenity, combined with a youthful “college town” vitality that can be matched by few cities of any size in the United States. The average age of its population is only 22, due largely to the presence of Washington State University students. Despite its college atmosphere, Bloomberg Businessweek selected Pullman as the best place in the state of Washington to raise kids, citing its “family friendly” lifestyle. Nevertheless, if you feel the need to escape, the nearby Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport offers four flights a day to and from Seattle.

When a Dream Becomes a Nightmare

Fatal accidents and catastrophic injuries can strike as suddenly and mercilessly as a drunken driver or a stroke caused by a defective drug. The tragedy is often multidimensional – pain and suffering combined with shock and grief can make it difficult for you to perform even ordinary tasks, much less deal with the financial pressures you are likely to face when astronomical medical bills coincide with lost work time. If the accident was someone else’s fault, you will also face the difficulty of proving a legal claim against the responsible party in order to get your bills paid. No one should have to go through all of this alone.

Fortunately, you don’t have to. It is our mission to assist you by handling your financial and legal matters so that you can fully concentrate on your physical and emotional recovery. Our stellar track record in Washington personal injury and wrongful death claims ensures that you will be represented by the best available professionals. Call us today at 1-800-925-1875, or fill out our online contact form (scroll down to the bottom of any page of our website), so that we can get the process started with a free initial consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I heard that I am not entitled to damages for pain and suffering if I am injured at work. Is that true?

Sometimes it is true, and sometimes it is not. If you file a claim against your employer, it will likely be handled as a workers’ compensation claim, which does not allow recovery for pain and suffering. If you file a claim against a third party such as a subcontractor, a property owner, or the manufacturer of defective construction equipment, you are likely to be able to sue for pain and suffering in addition to your economic damages. While our firm does not handle workers’ compensation claims, we do handle certain third-party claims arising out of occupational injury or death.

What is the statute of limitations deadline in Washington? Can I miss it if my claim drags on too long?

In the state of Washington, the statute of limitations deadline for personal injury and product liability is three years after the date of injury. For wrongful death claims, the deadline is three years after the victim’s date of death. Although certain loopholes exist, if you miss the statute of limitations deadline, your claim will usually become worthless immediately. Remember, though, that all you have to do to beat the statute of limitations deadline is to file a lawsuit with the appropriate court.

As long as the court clerk accepts your filing (which means you pay the filing fee, and the clerk confirms that all of your documents are in order and takes physical possession of the filing documents), your claim will be considered properly filed. Once this happens, the statute of limitations deadline will no longer threaten you no matter how long your case drags on. The real risk of missing the statute of limitations deadline arises when you try to settle the claim on your own without a personal injury lawyer. You will probably be negotiating with experienced insurance company executives, who may try to trick you into missing the deadline through delays and excuses as the deadline approaches.

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