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An accident in Olympia involving a pedestrian and motorcycle rider.While some motorcycle riders will go their entire lives without being involved in an accident, the risk of being seriously injured or killed in a collision cannot be ignored. Data from the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) shows that motorcycle accidents result in a severely disproportionate number of serious injuries and fatalities. Although less than 40 percent of vehicle occupants involved in car accidents are seriously injured or killed, more than 90 percent of motorcyclists who come off of their bikes suffer serious or fatal injuries.

Unfortunately, many of these motor vehicle accidents are the result of driver negligence and other factors that are entirely beyond motorcycle riders’ control. As a result, even the safest riders are at risk for suffering life-altering and life-threatening injuries each time they hit the road. Riders have every right to share the road, and drivers have a responsibility to operate their cars, trucks, and SUVs safely around motorcycles (just as they have an obligation to drive safely around other passenger vehicles). Yet, in our experience, most motorcycle accidents happen because drivers carelessly put riders in harm’s way. Seek help from the highly-experienced Olympia motorcycle accident attorneys at Brett McCandlis Brown & Conner PLLC. We will fight for your claim.

Olympia Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers for Injured Riders and Families

If you have been seriously injured in a motorcycle crash in Olympia, you have clearly already been through enough. If you have lost a loved one, you have suffered an unthinkable loss from which you will never truly recover. But, if you have been trying to deal with the insurance companies on your own, you would think that you were the problem rather than someone in desperate need of a solution. Motorcycle accident victims and their families can face extraordinary challenges when seeking to recover financial compensation. And no matter what the evidence shows, you can be almost certain that the insurance companies will try to assign blame to you or your loved one.

We are here to turn the tables in your favor. As Olympia motorcycle accidents lawyers with decades of experience representing riders and their families, we have an in-depth understanding of what it takes to recover just compensation after a motorcycle accident. We know the challenges involved, we accept that the process is far more difficult than it should be, and we understand how critically important it is to make sure we successfully represent our clients. As your motorcycle accident lawyers, we will:

  • Promptly conduct a thorough investigation;
  • Identify all available sources of financial compensation;
  • Provide you with a straightforward assessment of your claim;
  • Deal with the insurance companies on your behalf; and,
  • Work diligently to help you recover just compensation.

Olympia Motorcycle Accident FAQs: What Do You Need to Know?

Q: How can you prove the driver’s fault after a motorcycle accident?

In most cases, proving driver fault is one of the first major steps toward recovering just compensation (although there are various other potential factors that should not be ignored). Driver fault can take many different forms, and this means that proving driver fault can require various different investigative measures. As your lawyers, we will do everything necessary to determine the cause of your (or your loved one’s) motorcycle accident, including:

  • Conducting an on-scene investigation;
  • Requesting the driver’s phone records;
  • Requesting a copy of the police report;
  • Examining the location and extent of the damage to each vehicle; and,
  • Exploring all other potential sources of evidence of liability.

Q: Can injured motorcycle riders seek financial compensation if they were partially at fault in an accident?

In Washington, yes. Washington is one of a limited number of states that follows a rule known as “pure comparative fault.” Under this rule, motorcycle collision victims are entitled to recover at least a portion of their losses regardless of their percentage of fault in a collision. When our lawyers assess your claim, we will determine what impact (if any) Washington’s pure comparative fault law is likely to have on your financial recovery.

Q: What costs are involved in pursuing a motorcycle accident claim?

From investigators’ fees to court costs, there are a number of expenses that generally must be incurred when pursuing a claim for financial compensation. As your trusted Olympia motorcycle accident lawyers, we will cover these expenses on your behalf, and we will only recoup them if we are successful in helping you win just compensation.

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