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A red car wrecked from a collision which happened early morning. Olympia, the capital of Washington state, sits at the southern end of Puget Sound in Thurston County. As a major population center, Olympia sees its share of car crash accidents. And health care providers, such as the St. Joseph Medical Center, are kept busy daily treating victims. Their job is to heal. Our job, assuming that the injuries being treated were caused by the misconduct of another, is to make sure that those who have retained us as their legal counsel receive just compensation. Let the dedicated Olympia car accident lawyers at Brett McCandlis Brown & Conner PLLC help you through this difficult time.

Only Results Matter — All the Rest Is Just Conversation

The proven Olympia car accident attorneys at Brett McCandlis Brown & Conner PLLC have been showered with honors from both clients and peers almost since its inception. Rather than list accolades, however, we prefer to go strictly by the numbers:

  • We won $5.5 million for our client over a non-fatal DUI car crash accident – the largest jury verdict in the history of Skagit County jurisprudence.
  • We won $3.5 million for a pedestrian hit by a train.
  • We won $2.5 million for the probate estate of a teenage boy who was killed in a jet-ski accident.
  • We won $1 million for a wrongful death claim arising from an accident in which a truck hit a pedestrian.
  • We won $800,000 in the largest wrongful death jury verdict in the history of Kittitas County jurisprudence.

Our clients’ verdicts and settlements tally up to over $100 million. And that is what matters to us – not awards.

Car Accident Damages

The yearly number of traffic accidents in Washington state is generally over 100,000, with over 500 of those being fatal. Millions of Washington citizens take to the roads every day, and you never know what is going to happen when you do. If you get into an auto crash accident, our trusted Olympia car accident lawyers are here to help you.

In Washington, if you have gotten into an auto vehicle accident, you are entitled to certain damages. Damages is just a term that means money for the damage you received. You can obtain damages for repairs to your vehicle and property (for example your new sunglasses are ruined in the accident, you can get money to reimburse you for the sunglasses). You can also obtain money for your medical bills and lost wages if you have to miss work due to your injuries from the car crash.

A burgeoning area of car accident law is the area of psychological distress caused by your accident. Oftentimes, your auto accident attorney can prove that you have PTSD, anxiety, panic attacks, or other psychological ramifications as a result of your car crash accident. While these damages can be hard to prove, a trained attorney knows how to establish a record so that you can obtain treatment for your psychological distress and compensation for it.

Another type of damages that is often referred to, but rarely explained, is “pain and suffering.” It is very hard to put a price tag on “pain and suffering,” but it basically comes down to all of the ways that your life is different because of the auto vehicle and what sort of monetary value you can attach to those changes. Factors to consider are changes to the way you lead your life physically, issues that your accident-induced psychological distress causes in your daily life, and how you will lead your life moving forward from the accident.

All damages must be considered in light of the condition you were in prior to the accident, where you are at after the accident, and what changes to your health or lifestyle the accident has caused.

A skilled Olympia auto accident attorney can adequately examine the facts of your case and help you optimize your medical treatments, thoroughly evaluate your damages, and get you the largest possible settlement that you are entitled to. Contact us today to set up a free, confidential, no-obligation car accident consultation!

You Probably Won’t Have to Go to Court

The idea of being cross-examined by an opposing lawyer whose sole purpose is to destroy your credibility is about as appealing to most people as stepping into the ring with a prizefighter whose sole purpose is to knock you unconscious. Fortunately, very few of our clients even need to walk into court, much less testify. The reason for this is that upwards of 90 percent of our clients settle their claims out of court.

It’s ironic in a way. It is precisely because of our successful courtroom trial record that so many of our opponents shy away from facing us in court. And we don’t blame them. Even if it becomes necessary to file a lawsuit (and it often is), the other side usually settles before the scheduled trial date.

What Our Clients Say

“Best attorneys around. Extremely personable and knowledgeable, especially in complicated cases! They work hard for you and keep you informed on what’s happening! I would refer people here in a heartbeat!” — Tara Pavone

Some of Our Practice Areas

Fatal car crash accident between a red car and grey car in Olympia late afternoon.Our firm handles the following types of personal injury cases, among others:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the personal injury statute of limitations deadline in the state of Washington?

You have three years from the date of an accident to either file a personal injury lawsuit or finalize a private settlement. If the victim dies from his injuries, the deadline is extended until three years after the date of death. Unless one of a few narrow exceptions applies, missing the deadline means your claim will be dismissed.

How does comparative fault work?

Comparative fault applies if the accident was partially your fault. Washington adheres to a “pure comparative fault” rule, which means that your damages will be reduced by your own percentage of fault – 25 percent, for example. You will also have to pay an equivalent percentage of the other party’s damages. Comparative fault can also be used as a bargaining chip in settlement negotiations.

Can I file a claim against the state or local government?

Yes, you can – subject to certain restrictions. You must file a formal notice of claim with the government agency you plan to sue. You then have to wait 60 more days to file a lawsuit, which gives the government more time to prepare a defense.

Can’t I Just Settle My Claim on My Own?

You will make the insurance company very happy if you do that, especially if you have a large claim. Insurance adjusters are professional negotiators, and they are full of tricks. That’s OK because we know all of their tricks and we won’t fall for a single one of them. If you don’t know what to do, let our knowledgeable Olympia car accident attorneys handle your case.

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