What Happens When Your Car Accident is Caused by a Defective Part?

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Attorneys Serving Victims of Manufacturer Defects in Washington

Driver errors are the most common cause for motor vehicle accidents in the country, and sometimes that error is due to a lack of maintenance. But, there are instances where a defect in the automobile itself can lead to an accident, or contribute to more serious injuries. When this happens, a victim may be able to file a product liability claim against the manufacturer – and possibly even the individual who initiated the accident to begin with.product liability claim against the manufacturer – and possibly even the individual who initiated the accident to begin with.

Common Defects Associated with Accidents and Injuries

There are some common defects that are linked to accidents, as well as contributed toward serious injuries in those accidents. These defects include:

  1. Airbags that do not deploy on impact. Even if the accident was caused by the negligence of someone else, a plaintiff’s injuries can be worsened when the airbag fails to deploy.
  2. Airbags that deploy when they aren’t supposed to. This can cause an accident, as well as serious injuries. Airbags are painful and can lead to bruising and burns.
  3. Airbags that deploy with too much force or speed. Even if it deploys when it should, it could use too much force or deploy too fast, and lead to more serious injuries. Airbags are designed to cushion – not injure.
  4. Seatbelts that fail to operate in an accident. Whether the seatbelt unbuckles or fails to tighten, these critical safety devices can play a role in how serious an injury is for an accident victim.
  5. Seatbacks that fail during an accident. Seats are designed to cushion the blow and protect their occupant. When your seatback fails, you can suffer from serious injuries.
  6. Vehicle fires, due to electrical component defects. While rare, these can cause serious injuries, burns, or even death. In some cases, the vehicle will spontaneously combust because of an electrical system malfunction.
  7. Power steering system fails to operate. While you can control the vehicle without power steering, it can be extremely difficult to do so, and the sudden change in force can lead to an accident.
  8. Brake failure. This can be fatal in some cases, and cause serious accidents in others.
  9. Tire failures. Whether it is a tire that explodes or has improper tread wear and leads to an accident, it can result in serious steering loss and injury.
  10. Acceleration that is unintended. This can occur when an accelerator becomes stuck, or when vehicles with on-board systems – which control the accelerator – fail.

How to Pursue Your Injury Claim With a Washington Lawyer

If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident caused by an automobile defect, you need to preserve evidence to help support your claim. That includes taking pictures and videos of the car, and recording (whether by phone or in the form of notes) as much of the accident scene as you can. Keep track of where your vehicle was; what you were doing; and what you remember before, during, and after the accident. If possible, have your vehicle stored in a secure location until your accident and injury attorney can hire an expert to investigate the defect concern.

To help you with your claim, you need an experienced injury lawyer. Contact Brett McCandlis Brown & Conner, PLLC today. We offer assistance for catastrophic injuries involving motor vehicle accidents, and we can help you receive the compensation that you need for your injuries. Call us to schedule a consultation at 800-925-1875 or fill out our online contact form with your questions.

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