Your Wrongful Death Claim Questions Answered

Categories: Wrongful Death

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When an accident results due to someone’s negligence and a loved one dies as a result, family members have the right to file what is called a “wrongful death” claim against the negligent party. Wrongful death claims are complicated. Therefore, if you are thinking of filing a lawsuit for a loved one’s death, you should…

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Washington State Settlements for Truck Accident Victims

Categories: Distracted Driving

$1 million for Client Injured in Tractor Trailer Accident Settlement Amount: $1,000,000 Broken Bones Trucking Accidents Brett McCandlis Brown & Conner attorneys Dean Brett and David Brown tackled the challenging case for our client who was severely injured when her car was destroyed by a head-on collision with an out-of-control tractor-trailer. Our client spent months…

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Washington State Settlements for Car Accident Victims

Categories: Bicycle Accidents

Marathoner Suffering Fractured Leg After Collision With Car Leads to $490,000 Settlement Settlement Amount: $490,000 Broken Bones Pedestrian Accidents Brett McCandlis Brown & Conner attorney Dean Brett’s client Armando was an Elite Master’s runner who trained 5 to 20 miles a day, 6 days a week, and averaging 75 miles a week. He ran the…

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Washington State Settlements for Victims of Drunk Driving Accidents

Categories: Car Accidents

$4.2 Million for Victims of a Drunk Driver: One of the Largest Judgments in San Juan County History Attorney John Murphy obtained a $4.2 million verdict for two victims of a devastating collision caused when a drunk driver was racing with his drunk friend and plowed at a high-speed head-on into the victims’ vehicle. One…

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Washington State Wrongful Death Settlements

Categories: Catastrophic Injury

$2.5 Million For Family Of Teenager Killed In Jet-Ski Collision Settlement Amount: $2,500,000 Wrongful Death Recreational Vehicle Accident Zac Springer’s mother contacted Brett McCandlis Brown & Conner attorney Dean Brett to seek a second opinion after her initial lawyer advised that the claim was not worth pursuing. Since her son Zac had died in a…

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5 of the Most Common Childhood Injuries Seen on Halloween

Categories: Personal Injury

halloween injuries

Halloween is supposed to be a fun, festive holiday. You want your child to look back on their last Halloween and think of the costume, pumpkin carving, and even the trick-or-treating as a positive experience. Unfortunately, injuries are all too common for children on Halloween. After all, it is a holiday ripe with potential dangers….

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6 of the Most Controversial Wrongful Death Cases in History

Categories: Wrongful Death

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Wrongful deaths are tragedies that often could have been prevented. Whether it was an act of negligence, recklessness, or purposeful actions, controversy tends to surround these cases. Six wrongful death cases in history were the center of attention for media outlets because of not only how the death occurred, but also because of the high-value…

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