Experienced Head and Brain Injury Attorney in Washington State

Head and brain injuries can have an immediate and a long-term effect on life, health, and happiness.

One of the most common injuries our clients suffer after an accident is a head or brain injury. The violence of any physical force can impact the brain, causing injuries that can result in permanent disability, seizures, memory loss, headaches, loss of taste or smell, double vision, speech impairments, anxiety, and depression. The leading causes of head and brain injury include motor-vehicle accidents, construction falls, and sports injuries.

What does a successful head or brain injury claim look like?

When a Brett McCandlis Brown client is suffering from a head or brain injury caused by an accident, we take special steps to identify the extent of the injury, to evaluate its cause, and to determine how the injury affects our client’s life, now and in the future. Since brain injuries often require long-term, costly medical care, we ensure that this cost is fully factored into the insurance-claim process. A successful claim is one in which our client receives a settlement or verdict that enables them to fully recover financially, and compensates them for their current and future losses.

Helping clients heal is our job, and we are very, very good at our job.

As injury attorneys, we have achieved exceptional results for our clients dealing with brain injuries, including:

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