Here’s the basic truth – it’s you versus the massive, soulless insurance companies – period.

One of the basic truths of personal injury law is that the playing field is not level. You, the individual, are at a great disadvantage in your legal fight with the giant insurance company that has vast resources on its side, and that isn’t hindered by morality, ethics, and human decency as it steamrolls towards its only goal – profit.

While no one will argue that an attorney should zealously advocate for the rights of the client, this view takes on a sinister new meaning when the client is a huge corporation that has proven without any doubt that it doesn’t care at all about the injuries and deaths suffered by innocent people. The value of an injury or a death is calculated by actuaries and statisticians. The pain and suffering experienced by injured people, and by the families left behind after a fatality, are of no consequence to this corporate machine, this Goliath that serves only to increase its profits by reducing any payout.

Our injury attorneys are the buffer between you and the vast insurance corporation.

American society has made the courtroom the one place where the inequality between the individual and the corporation can be addressed and resolved. The injury attorney stands in the middle of this fight, and is the one tool people have to level the playing field.

“In seeking a lawyer, you are looking for an advocate, an expert advisor on the law and on your rights and responsibilities, a strategist, a negotiator, and a litigator.” Laura Wasser

Our injury attorneys at Brett McCandlis Brown & Conner are seasoned professionals who have seen all the strategies and tactics from the insurance adjusters and defense attorneys representing their corporate insurance-industry clients.

Some of these tactics include:

  • Collecting ALL of an injured person’s medical records, from the day of birth, and scouring through them to blame an injury on some previous event or accident;
  • Repeatedly demanding additional updated medical records to delay a claim;
  • Demanding that an injured person give a recorded or written statement, and then using those statements, no matter how innocent, to deny a claim;
  • Repeatedly re-assigning a client’s insurance adjuster to drag out a claim and to avoid making a payout, and being unresponsive to calls, emails, and letters;
  • Hiring expensive “experts” to complete medical exams on clients, and then denying or downplaying the cause and severity of the clients’ injuries;
  • Dramatically undervaluing the worth of a client’s lost income and property damage;
  • Assigning no value for the pain and suffering an injured person goes through;
  • Offering a very low settlement amount, early in the process before medical treatment is even finished, and telling clients that they have to decide RIGHT NOW.

How do you know if you have a valid injury claim?

A valid claim is determined by analyzing the potential claim in terms of liability, negligence, and damages.

The one way to achieve fairness is to partner with an extremely competent personal injury attorney. Someone who knows how the insurance-company attorney works, knows the tactics, and knows how to effectively derail them.

Our injury attorneys offer that level of extreme competence needed to level the playing field. We believe that our clients deserve respect and should not be subjected to harassment, aggressive behavior, and intimidation. We believe that when an insurance company refuses to negotiate a fair settlement offer, we will take the claim to trial. Based on our track record, the insurance companies know this too.

It’s our job to make sure our clients get a fair fight in the battle against the insurance companies. And we are very, very good at our job.