What Steps Should I Take After a Chain Reaction Accident?

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Heavy rainstorms, sleet, and ice create hazardous driving conditions for even the most experienced and safest drivers. In Washington, it is not uncommon for chain reaction accidents to occur. When these do, it is important that you are prepared and know how to respond if you are involved in a chain reaction crash.

What is a Chain Reaction Crash?

These are accidents that first involve one or two vehicles, but when they stop the flow of traffic, more cars pile up into the initial accident and so on. Eventually, there is a chain of accidents. While the first pair of vehicles caused the initial crash, they did not physically crash into the rest of the vehicles.

Chain reaction crashes can happen at fast speeds, especially in the fog when drivers are unable to see. These can be serious, or just involve minor fender benders. Regardless of severity, they are traumatic for those involved.

Steps to Take if You Are Involved in a Chain Reaction Crash

  • Stay at the accident scene. It may take a while for the police to reach you, but you were still in an accident; therefore, you are required by law to remain at the scene until you have been cleared to go by police.
  • Help those whom you can. After the reaction is over, see which passengers in your vehicle need help and help those in other vehicles, if you can. Contact emergency officials for serious injuries, describe your vehicle, and report the injuries. By identifying your car, first responders can find it in the sea of other vehicles and get to your vehicle in time.
  • Take photographs. If your injuries permit you to do so, try to get photographs of the scene, focusing on the vehicles your car collided with, and possibly the vehicles at the start of the line (if you can see them).
  • Contact a personal injury attorney. Chain reaction crashes are highly complex, and there is often plenty of finger-pointing between insurance companies, victims, and defendants. Therefore, you need a personal injury attorney to help you with your case and ensure that you receive compensation for your injuries.

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A chain reaction accident can be scary. If you suffered serious injuries because of the negligence of another vehicle, you may still receive compensation, regardless of whether your vehicle struck another in the chain reaction.

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