Top Five Winter Liability Issues to Address

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Winter Liability Issues

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With winter in full swing, there are snowy roads, icy sidewalks, and a high risk for winter-related injuries across the state. Even if your home is not in a wintry area of Washington, you have the rains and ice to worry about. Not only should you ensure that you stay safe, but you must ensure that those on your property (whether private or commercial) are safe, too.

As a property owner, you are required by law to maintain a safe premise. If you do not, any injuries that occur on your property could mean that you are liable for all medical costs and damages associated.

Sidewalk Shoveling is a Requirement

Whether you own a local business or you are a homeowner, if your area is prone to snowfall, you are required by law to shovel that snow. If someone were to slip, trip, or fall because of the snow on your sidewalk, and you had adequate time to remove it, you could be civilly liable for his or her injuries.

Even without snow, you are required to take care of any icy conditions on your property, which means salting the walkways if they are icy enough for someone to slip and fall.

Winter Car Accidents Are Not Always Weather-Related

While ice, snow, and excessive rainfall can contribute to car accidents, they are not always the cause of an accident. People driving recklessly in the weather, including speeding in icy conditions or swerving in and out of lanes in dense fog.

Accidents caused by extreme weather are inevitable, but when someone acts recklessly and causes an accident, the courts no longer care about weather. Therefore, everyone must drive cautiously in poor conditions, and always obey the law on the road.

Watch for Cyclists in the Rain

In Washington, people are used to the rain, so it is not uncommon to see someone riding a bike to work or school, despite the weather. It is your job as a motorist to watch out for those cyclists, and never assume the weather is too poor for someone to take a ride on a bike.

Be Cautious About Snowball Fights

An innocent game can be a big liability, especially when someone is seriously injured. Do not pack your snowballs with ice or heavy objects, since the injuries that are caused could mean a lawsuit in court.

Use Products Indoors as They Are Intended

Indoor heaters must be used with caution, and never bring an outdoor heater inside. Also, make sure to follow manufacturer instructions for the products you use inside the home to avoid injury or fire.

Injured this Winter? Contact a Washington Attorney

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