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Brett McCandlis Brown & Conner PLLC is a full-service personal injury and wrongful death law firm. With more than 40 years of experience, our Redmond personal injury lawyers have recovered millions of dollars in financial compensation for our clients’ injuries and losses.

With offices in Seattle, we frequently represent clients who have been injured and lost loved ones in Redmond, Washington. If you believe that you may have a claim for compensation, or if you are not sure and would like to find out, we invite you to contact us for a free consultation about your legal rights. Our Redmond personal injury attorneys are available to represent clients in Redmond for claims involving:

Serious Accidents, Defective Products & Medical Malpractice

Our Redmond personal injury lawyers have extensive experience representing clients in a wide variety of types of claims. By focusing our practice exclusively on personal injury and wrongful death, we have been able to establish a proven track record of securing favorable results for our clients. This includes obtaining substantial insurance settlements and court verdicts for clients who have been injured and lost loved ones due to:

What is the Washington Law For Dog Attacks?

Suffering a dog attack often represents one of the most unforgettable and traumatic experiences of one’s life. Redmond Municipal Code Section KCC 11.04.290(B)(2) provides that any animal that bites, attacks, or attempts to bite one or more persons within two years is a public nuisance. Upon this occurrence, the dog owner must not keep the animal within Redmond city limits 48 hours after receiving notice. If the dog owner fails to remove the animal, the city impounds the animal and euthanizes it.

Washington state law permits dog attack victims to recover compensatory damages for their dog bite injuries. In fact, the state statute provides that the owner of any dog that bites a person is strictly liable for the resulting injuries. However, important facts must exist, including that the victim must have been on public property or permitted to be on private property. The victim must also not have provoked the dog attack.

Even if a dog is not one of any dangerous breed, Washington law permits recovery of damage. Additionally, no previous violent history related to the dog needs to exist before a victim can recover compensatory damages.

There are certain exceptions to the strict liability statute. These exceptions limit responsible in the following circumstances:

  • The victim trespassed at the time of the dog attack,
  • The bite occurred during the lawful use of a police dog.

As a dog bite victim, the law is absolutely on your side. Redmond dog bite attorneys understand what is needed to strengthen your claim so you can recover just compensation for your harm.

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10 Reasons to Choose Us

1. Full-Service Representation

When you choose our law firm for your claim in Redmond, WA, you can expect our experienced legal team to handle all aspects of your claim. This includes dealing with the insurance adjusters and mountains of paperwork on your behalf.

2. Attention to Your Medical Needs

After an accident, securing top-quality medical treatment needs to be a top priority. Our dedicated Redmond personal injury lawyers help our clients get the medical treatment that they need while working with their doctors to collect the information we need in order to pursue maximum compensation.

3. Focus On Your Future

We will make sure that you recover the money you need not just now, but in the future. Your injuries or the loss of your loved one could affect your life for years to come, and you deserve to be compensated for all of your accident-related losses.

4. Commitment to Securing Maximum Compensation

While some personal injury law firms “process” claims for quick settlements, we focus on helping each individual client secure maximum compensation. Our highly experienced Redmond personal injury lawyers will work closely with you, your employer, and your doctors to make sure that we seek full compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, lost earning capacity, pain and suffering, and other financial and emotional harm.

5. Decades of Experience

Our personal injury attorneys have decades of experience representing clients in Redmond and throughout northwest Washington. We will use this experience to your advantage, drawing from the knowledge, insights, and connections that we have developed over more than 40 years of doing what is best for our clients.

6. Exclusive Commitment to Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

As we mentioned above, we exclusively represent clients in cases involving serious personal injuries and wrongful death. Our Redmond personal injury lawyers do not dabble in other practice areas, and we never represent corporations or the insurance companies.

7. Free Consultations and Contingency-Fee Representation

We offer free consultations to all potential clients, and we only charge legal fees after we have secured a financial recovery on behalf of our client. If we don’t win your case, we don’t expect you to pay for our services.

8. You Control Your Case

With Brett McCandlis Brown & Conner PLLC, you control your case. Our client focused Redmond personal injury lawyers, will keep you updated throughout the process and give you the information that you need to make informed decisions about settling and taking your case to trial.

9. Tough Negotiators and Skilled Trial Lawyers

When we negotiate with the insurance companies, we negotiate. We know what your case means to you, and we will never give in for less than you deserve. If a fair settlement is not on the table, we will not hesitate to take your case to trial.

10. We Do What It Takes to Win

All of this means one thing: When we take your case, we will do what it takes to win. Our proven Redmond personal injury attorneys are proud of our results and our reputation, and we will not settle for anything less than full compensation for your accident-related losses.

Suing vs. Settling

Many personal injury victims spend unnecessary time and energy wondering whether they should sue or settle. For most people, settling is the best option – but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to file a lawsuit anyway. Filing a lawsuit is often the only tactic that can motivate a stubborn opposing party to make a decent settlement offer. Simply filing a lawsuit doesn’t necessarily mean that a trial will ever happen.

When you make your initial demand to the opposing party (and the “opposing party” is typically an insurance company), you might lack sufficient evidence to be certain that you could win if your personal injury claim went to court. The opposing party, realizing your weakness, might balk at issuing a fair settlement offer. When this happens, the opposing party is in effect daring you to sue him.

Using the Discovery Process to Your Advantage

The discovery process is the way that opposing parties gather evidence from each other in preparation for a trial. As such, discovery can take place only after a formal lawsuit has been filed. Indeed, access to discovery is one of the primary motivations for filing a lawsuit, even by a party who fully intends to settle the case before trial, if possible. Discovery is particularly useful when one party lacks evidence that is in the possession of the other party.

The three most useful tools that you can use in the discovery process are:

  • Depositions: Questioning the other party out of court but under oath, with a court reporter recording everything.
  • Written interrogatories: Written questions that the opposing party must answer truthfully and fully to the best of their knowledge.
  • Request for the production of documents: Requests to the opposing party to produce, say, business records. This might be relevant, for example, if you are suing the manufacturer of defective tires or brake drums.

The discovery process is not fully voluntary. If the opposing party refuses your request, you can seek a court order – and they can do the same to you.

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