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Hailey’s Story – Seattle personal injury attorney Dean Brett obtains $5.5 million verdict for Hailey French

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Our client was a young man involved in an industrial accident in Snohomish County. The accident caused serious foot and ankle fractures and pelvic injuries, resulting in multiple surgeries and a 3-month hospital stay. The case was settled by attorney Bill Coats of the Brett Murphy Everett office for $3,250,000.

Brett Law client Beth was only 13 years old when she was a guest at a holiday party hosted by the owners of a local gravel pit. During the party, the teenage son of the hosts recklessly fired off a bottle rocket which struck Beth in the right eye. Beth consequently was blinded in that eye. The host had bought the bottle rockets at a local Indian reservation and had allowed the kids at the party shoot the fireworks without any supervision.

Armando Brionez was an Elite Master’s runner who trained 5 to 20 miles a day, 6 days a week, 11 months a year, averaging 75 miles a week. He ran the Boston Marathon in 3:03. He handled the running leg for the team which won Oregon’s Pole-Paddle Relay four times against Olympic-level competition. He was the defending Northwest Cross-Country Champion for his age group.

The case of a client we will call Jane Doe illustrates how important it is to carefully investigate the policy limits of Underinsured Motorist Coverage. Without an attorney to insist that the insurance company discloses all the details of the UIM coverage, cases like Jane’s settle for far less than their true value.

Our client Adam was a pedestrian walking on a sidewalk when he was hit by an SUV driven by a woman who was startled by a spider and drove off the road. Adam was thrown to the ground and knocked unconscious for 48 hours. He sustained serious injuries including a badly broken right leg requiring two surgeries, a closed head injury, and scalp lacerations.

Attorney David Brown, of the Brett Law Bellingham office, negotiated extensively with the Hartford Insurance Company to achieve a $346,000 settlement for Adam.

Brett Law represented a client who was a professional baseball player in the early stages of his career. He was traveling with the team in Washington State, and several teammates went to a local pub after a game. After having a few drinks, the teammates began walking back to their hotel. During the walk, the group saw an unoccupied golf cart with the keys in the ignition. Poor judgment compelled them to take the golf cart. Our client was the passenger and one of his teammates drove the cart.

Chris contacted Brett Law for assistance after being involved in two moderate impact auto collisions. Chris did not immediately recognize the extent of his injuries and failed to seek immediate medical treatment. He was diagnosed with cervical and lumbar strains by his physician. While these “whiplash” type injuries typically resolve quickly, Chris’s condition deteriorated and ultimately his injuries prevented him from returning to work as a welder. His inability to return to work resulted in a significant wage loss claim, atypical in a “whiplash” type case.

As an example of an ankle injury from a slip on an icy surface, we relate the experience of a client we will call “Gordon,” who suffered a right ankle fracture when he slipped on an icy walkway at a motor inn located near Bellingham, Washington.

Gordon’s fall required that he have surgery. He was off work a period of six months; at his regular hourly rate of $13.00, 40 hours per week (not accounting for overtime), his total wage loss was $12,480.