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Moses Lake is a town of around 20,000 people that serves as the recreational and commercial center of Grant County, WA. The town is geared toward outdoor activity, with numerous bicycle lanes, walking trails, and sharrows. For families, Surf ‘n Slide Water Park attracts both locals and visitors during the temperate summer months.

The sparkling clean waters of Moses Lake, the town’s namesake, hosts swimmers, boaters, and anglers of all ages. The lake offers a surprising 120 miles of shoreline and 6,500 acres of water that is suitable for kayaking, canoeing, and rafting. For serious bicyclists, the Larson BMX Track regularly hosts bicycle motocross events.

We have something for everyone here in Moses Lake—and we love our dogs! Dog parents in Moses Lake know all about Basin Homes Dog Park where your furry friend can go to run around and get exercise without being on a leash. This park has areas for both big and small dogs. But while our park here in Moses Lake is very safe, off-leash areas in general can leave you vulnerable to a dog attack. Inexperienced owners with dangerous dog breeds pose a risk to others in both leashed and off-leash spaces. But clearly, open areas and off-leash spaces can leave you more vulnerable to an animal with dangerous propensities. So remain vigilante, and if you do get bit, call a dog bite lawyer to learn more about your rights.

When Someone Gets Hurt

With all of the outdoor activity plus all of the traffic pouring into and out of town, accidents are bound to happen. Not all of these accidents are the fault of the victim – sometimes, the careless or even criminal behavior of someone else causes an accident that injures someone else. If this has happened to you, you should know that you have the right to full compensation under Washington personal injury law. Likewise, if you are the spouse or child of someone whose life has been taken in an accident that was caused by the culpable behavior of someone else, Washington’s wrongful death law is designed to ensure that you are fairly compensated.

The aftermath of a serious accident is a difficult time for anyone – the shock, the physical pain, and the disruption of daily routines are enough to knock anyone off balance without even taking into account the financial problems that typically arise. Although Washington law is designed to protect you, an abstract legal right is useless unless you know how to enforce it. Fortunately, that is exactly what we do for a living at Brett McCandlis Brown & Conner PLLC.

As preeminent Washington personal injury lawyers, we know our way around the local court system and we know how to handle greedy insurance companies. We are utterly dedicated to protecting the rights of our injured and grieving clients, and we will fight with every weapon in our legal arsenal to ensure that you receive every dime of compensation that you deserve. We can help you coordinate with your healthcare provider, navigate the insurance claims process and, if needed, file a civil lawsuit on your behalf.

Types of Compensation You Can Recover

Car accident victim in Redmond, CA.Personal injury compensation, or damages, can be divided into three types: economic damages, non-economic damages, and punitive damages. Since Washington courts almost never award punitive damages, below is a discussion of the various types of economic and non-economic damages that are available. Your claim might be worth more than you think.

Economic Damages

Economic damages are easily countable damages, such as:

  • Medical expenses: This amount can and should include estimated future medical expenses if your injuries require ongoing treatment. Be sure to document every penny of your medical expenses.
  • Lost income: If you had to take time off work due to your accident, or if you cannot return to your previous position due to physical limitations caused by the accident, you are entitled to compensation for your lost income.
  • Loss of the ability to perform essential services: If your injury incapacitated you to the extent that, for example, you had to hire someone else to keep your house clean while you were recovering, you are entitled to damages for these expenses.
  • Property damage: You can be compensated for property damages, such as damage to your vehicle.
  • Out-of-pocket expenses: You can be compensated for parking expenses at the hospital, for example, or babysitting expenses for your children while you were incapacitated.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are real but difficult to count because they are often psychological in nature. “Pain and suffering” and “loss of consortium” are two of the most commonly sought forms of non-economic damages.

  • Pain and suffering refer to the physical pain and emotional distress you suffered as a result of your accident. Pain and suffering compensation often adds up to far more than medical bills.
  • Loss of consortium refers to a reduction in the quality of your marriage, because of the accident, due to loss of affection, companionship, sexual relations, etc

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your “no win, no pay” system work?

Our “no win, no pay” system is designed for clients with solid claims who cannot afford to pay legal fees. We will completely waive all legal fees until the case is resolved one way or the other. If we lose the case (meaning that you end up with no recovery), you will owe us nothing. If we win, we will take a pre-agreed percentage of your total recovery – either a courtroom verdict or an out-of-court settlement – and transfer the remaining funds to you. In this way. we are just as invested in victory as you are – after all the more money you win, the more money we make. That’s how confident we are in the effectiveness of what we do.

How long will it take to resolve my case?

Unfortunately, this is an impossible question to answer accurately. Although a general ballpark figure is a few weeks to a few months, some cases drag on for years. The stronger your claim, the more likely you are to win a quick settlement. The most important thing to remember, however, is that it is almost always better to hold out for a much larger recovery than to accept a quick but paltry settlement.

What kind of damages can I expect from a wrongful death lawsuit?

A Woman missed her husband in Redmond, WA.Washington’s wrongful death law is designed to compensate close relatives and heirs of a deceased victim. Under state law, a “deadbeat dad” can be barred from filing a wrongful death lawsuit over the death of his child. If you win, either you or the victim’s probate estate are entitled to compensation for the victim’s medical bills, burial and funeral expenses, the victim’s lost earnings for the remainder of his/her life expectancy, the pain and suffering endured by the victim prior to death, reimbursement for any lost or destroyed property, and loss of companionship and other psychological benefits that the victim provided you.

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Do you handle dog bite injury cases?

A dog attack can seriously injure you in the blink of an eye. After the attack, you may be permanently disfigured or seriously disabled by dog bite injuries. The dog may have given you any number of serious diseases. You may be facing a lifetime of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) because dog attacks can leave you emotionally scarred. Once you are stitched up and out of the emergency room, contact an experienced personal injury attorney at our firm. Owners need to be responsible for their dogs at all times. And it’s not only the owners of dangerous dog breeds either. We can assess your claim and help you get the compensation you deserve.

If you believe that you may have a valid personal injury or wrongful death claim, or if you simply want us to help you evaluate your claim, call our Moses Lake, WA Personal Injury Lawyers today at 1-800-925-1875 or complete our online contact form. We work on a “no win, no pay” basis, and our initial discussion of your case is free of charge.