11 Ways Our Washington Insurance Claims Attorneys Can Help You with Your Insurance Claims

1) We Assist You in Receiving the Best Possible Medical Attention

Navigating the complex system of insurance claims is hard enough, even without having to worry about receiving the proper medical care you need. But, when you work with us, our Washington insurance claims attorneys will be sure to fight the greedy insurance companies and stubborn adjusters to ensure that you receive the medical attention and care you deserve for your injuries.

2) We Help Ensure Your Medical Expenses Are Paid

As your attorneys, our job is simple: to make sure that you get well. Throughout this process, our attorneys will ensure that all your bills are getting paid. We can help manage your medical expenses, push to receive reimbursement for expenses, and find ways to increase your settlement offer to better protect your current and future financial standing. Ultimately, our goal is to make sure that your medical care never ceases due to coverage or benefits being withheld by the insurance company or hospital.

3) We Take Future Expenses into Account

Even though everyone’s situation is different, it’s likely that you may have medical bills that extend far into the future. How are you supposed to calculate these expenses? Is it even possible to do so?

Our team of attorneys knows how to work alongside medical professionals to create a settlement plan that withstands future medical expenses. Our Washington insurance claims lawyers have extensive knowledge of the legal and insurance ramifications of your case, and we’ll work tirelessly to guarantee that your future expenses are always taken into account.

4) If You Suffered Property Loss, We’ll Make Sure You’re Paid for It

While you may be the victim of a terrible accident that has caused physical and financial harm, and while certain compensation may be owed to you, it isn’t always easy to recoup these damages. Sometimes, it can be an intense struggle to deal with the insurance companies as they look out for their bottom line. When you choose us to represent you, we’ll see to it that the insurance companies, auto-body shops, and any other third parties treat you fairly as you recover your losses.

5) We’ll Take into Account Any Potential Lost Earnings

Lost wages: one way individuals can lose money after an accident and often isn’t thought of. After an accident, if you aren’t able to go to work, you may experience unexpected financial setbacks. We’ll make sure to analyze income history, future potential income, and your ability to return to work in both the short- and long-term. As our Washington insurance claims attorneys work with your claim, we’ll ensure that any potential lost earnings are addressed.

6) We Assist You in Finding New Employment Opportunities, as Needed

For many, a serious injury can mean more than just medical expenses and loss of property – it can even mean a forced change of profession. If your injuries prevent you from returning to your former employment, our attorneys can help you seek out a new vocation based on your medically determined post-accident capacities. If a new profession requires training or involves a period of unemployment (and, therefore, loss of income), every penny will be accounted for as we settle or litigate your case.

7) We Hold the Insurance Companies Responsible for Any Pain, Suffering, or Disability

We’ll be sure to record and get professional opinions on any possible pain, suffering, disfigurement, or disability claims that you may be eligible for. Our committed Washington insurance claims lawyers want to make sure that you are able to receive fair compensation for absolutely everything that’s owed to you. For this reason, we’ll be sure to exhaust every possible avenue to guarantee you receive rightful compensation for all physical, emotional, mental, and financial pain.

8) We Take Care of the Paperwork Maze for You

Believe it or not, whenever claims against two or more parties are involved, the paperwork can accumulate very quickly. As someone with little to no knowledge of this paperwork and how to properly attend to it, things can get messy – fast. For this reason, we’ll address all paperwork preparation, filings, and deliveries throughout the whole claim process with all parties that are involved. Dealing with the paperwork won’t ever be on you.

9) We Go to Bat against the Insurance Companies on Your Behalf

It’s important to realize that insurance companies are filled with professionals whose only prerogative is the company’s bottom line. Unless you’re a skilled negotiator who knows the ins-and-outs of injury law and insurance tactics, taking them on is daunting – not to mention often unsuccessful. Leave the insurance negotiations to us. Our proven and winning Washington insurance claims attorneys will be sure to get the highest settlement possible.

10) We Understand Claims’ Values and Will Never Settle for Less

We’ve been at this for many years, representing all types of cases along the way. We love what we do, especially when it means our clients are able to receive the compensation they rightfully deserve. Know that, if you choose our attorneys to represent you, we know what your case is worth and we’d never settle for anything less than that – even if it’s the easier route.

11) We Always Take on the Negotiations

We’ll take on the aggressive insurance companies, the cutthroat claims’ adjusters, and anyone else who gets involved in your case. We know the process and the tactics used by all parties involved, and our highly skilled Washington insurance claims lawyers know exactly how to counteract them.

We’re Here for You

Our Seattle personal injury lawyers have obtained excellent results for our clients all over Washington State. Our first priority is, and always will be, helping our clients recover from their injuries and financial losses – and our dedicated Washington insurance claims attorneys strive to do that everyday. Contact us today to tell us your story.