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Our Ellensburg personal injury lawyers provide experienced legal representation for personal injury and wrongful death claims in Ellensburg, Washington. Together, our personal injury attorneys have over 40 years of experience helping accident victims and their families enforce their right to rightful compensation.

Located along Interstate 90 just east of Mt. Rainier National Park, Ellensburg is a small, historical city in Kittitas County, WA. Home to shops, museums, galleries, favorite local restaurants, and Central Washington University, Ellensburg unfortunately also sees its fair share of accident-related injuries. If you have been injured or a loved one has been killed in an accident in Ellensburg, we encourage you to contact us for a free consultation so that we can help you stand up for your legal rights. If another person, a company, or a dangerous product or medication is to blame for your losses, you could have a claim for significant compensation, and we will fight to make sure you receive the compensation that you deserve.

How Can We Help You?

With decades of experience in Ellensburg and throughout Washington, our injury lawyers have handled cases involving virtually all types of accidents and other circumstances where someone else is to blame. Our personal injury lawyers’ experience includes securing millions of dollars in compensation for clients who have suffered losses due to:

In most cases, accident victims’ losses are far greater than they could imagine. From pain and suffering to permanent scarring and long-term medical care, our clients frequently have claims for substantial physical, emotional, and financial harm that will last for decades to come. When you hire us to take your case, we will work closely with you and our trusted medical experts to make sure we seek full compensation for not only (i) the losses you have already endured, but also (ii) the losses you will face in the future.

Seeking Maximum Compensation for Victims and Families in Ellensburg, WA

An accident can change your life in the blink of an eye, and in the aftermath, it is important to have a trusted advocate on your side. While you focus on recovering from your injuries or coping with your loss, you need an experienced legal team working to win the compensation that you deserve.

We provide full-service legal representation for clients in all types of accident claims in Ellensburg, including:

In addition, we regularly handle cases involving:

Regardless of what happened or who is to blame, it is important to get started on your claim as soon as possible. Following your free consultation, our Washington injury attorneys will handle all aspects of your claim, remaining in close contact so that you can feel confident in the progress of your case and make informed decisions about protecting your right to just compensation.

Dog Attacks

Being attacked and bitten by a dog can be a traumatic experience. Not only can a dog attack cause serious injuries, but it can cause a lot of mental trauma and even post-traumatic stress disorder. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are over four million dog bite incidents every year, with a sizable number of those cases involving children. Children, especially smaller children, are particularly vulnerable to dog bites. Given the fact of their size and their strong desire to pet dogs, in many cases children will be bitten more often than adults. And given the height of small children, many children are bitten in the face.

These dog bite injuries can turn into permanent disfigurement with uncorrectable scarring. If the attacks happen on children, often they have to wait until they are older teenagers or young adults before they can have corrective surgery performed. This means that in some instances, children have to go through their entire childhood with unsightly scarring.

People seriously injured by a dog are entitled to compensation for those injuries. The compensation can be for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering that the victim endured during the attack and the treatment thereafter. It can also compensate victims for permanent injuries such as scarring that cannot be fixed through surgery. You deserve to have an experienced Ellensburg dog bite lawyer fighting for your rights to receive compensation.

Ellensburg is a great place to live and a great place to have a dog. But under Washington State law, if your dog injures someone, then you’ll be responsible for those injuries, even if your dog has never bitten anyone before. Contact our Ellensburg dog bite attorney.

Five Reasons to Choose Us

For decades, clients in Ellensburg and throughout Washington have trusted our personal injury lawyers to help them protect their rights. Here are just some of the reasons why:

  • Experience – Our attorneys have 40+ years of experience helping accident victims and their families secure just compensation.
  • Personal Attention – We focus on what matters most to you. We want to get to know you personally so that we can seek the compensation you need now and in the future.
  • Full-Service Representation – From dealing with the insurance companies to taking your case to court, we do everything necessary to help our clients win maximum compensation as quickly as possible.
  • Track Record – We have secured millions of dollars in compensation for our clients. This includes numerous million-dollar and six-figure awards.
  • No Recovery, No Fee – Since we handle all cases on a contingency-fee basis, you pay nothing unless we help you secure financial compensation. This starts with your free, no-obligation consultation.

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