Drunk Driving Victim Settlements and Judgments

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Hailey’s Story – Personal Injury Attorney in Seattle, Dean Brett Obtains $5.5 Million Verdict for Hailey French

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$4.2 Million for Victims of a Drunk Driver: One of the Largest Judgments in San Juan County History

Attorney John Murphy obtained a $4.2 million verdict for two victims of a devastating collision. The accident was caused when a drunk driver road-raced with his friend (who was also drunk) – a choice that resulted in a high-speed and head-on collision into the victims’ vehicle.

One of John’s clients suffered severe head injuries and remained in a coma following the accident; the other, due to severe internal injuries, needed surgery. At the time of the accident, the at-fault driver had a blood-alcohol level of 0.11 and was driving without insurance due to a prior DUI conviction. The drunken driver was later convicted of vehicular assault and sentenced to over three years in prison.

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$1 Million – Wrongful Death of Teenage Pedestrian

A man named John Rideout was recently employed by a tow truck company as one of the truck operators. Even though his history and local reputation – one that included conviction of several charges, such as marijuana possession, forgery, theft, driving with a suspended license, and delivering controlled substances – should have suggested to the company otherwise, Rideout was offered the job.

On one specific occasion, Rideout used heroin and marijuana before operating the company’s truck. Drug-impaired, Rideout sped as he headed north on Zell Road where he drove left-of-center until striking and killing Landen Harless, who was walking on the other side of the road with friends at the time. The egregiously wrongful death of Harless, a 14-year-old boy, by someone who should have never been operating a vehicle, resulted in a wrongful death suit of one million dollars.

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$215,000 for Victim of Golf Cart Accident Caused by Drunk Driver

The attorneys at Brett McCandlis Brown & Conner, PLLC won a battle with insurance companies while representing a client in the early stage of his professional baseball career. Our client and his team were traveling in Washington State and, after a game, several players went to a local bar. After a few drinks, the teammates were walking back to their hotel when they spotted an unoccupied golf cart with keys in the ignition along the way. Due to intoxication and poor judgment, our client and his friends took the golf cart, which resulted in a crash and the subsequent fracturing of our client’s ankle; he would never play baseball professionally again. Thanks to extensive research and swift negotiations by Attorney David Brown, the golf cart was considered a “vehicle” under the at-fault driver’s Liability and Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage.

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$200,000 for Two Women Injured in Crash Caused by Dangerous Police Pursuit of Drunk Driver

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$180,000 for Client’s Fractured Arm Requiring Surgery Caused by Driver Who Was High

Recently, a man named Travis was headed to work – driving his employer’s truck – when another driver ran a stop sign and hit Travis’s vehicle. The at-fault driver had marijuana in his system. As a result of the crash, Travis experienced several injuries, including a fractured arm that required surgery. The at-fault driver was uninsured, but the attorneys at Brett McCandlis Brown & Conner’s Bellingham Office made a claim for compensation through Travis’s employer’s insurance company. After filing a lawsuit, the insurance company agreed to pay $180,000 to compensate Travis for the accident and his injuries. Felix v. Nelson (2009)

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