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dog bite fatalities

Dog bite injuries can change the course of your life in an instant. Each year, nearly five million Americans are injured by aggressive dogs. One in five of those bite injuries will require major medical attention. Horrifyingly, almost 100 people will die each year from their dog bite injuries. Nearly every jurisdiction across the U.S. reports the same horrors about the dog bite fatalities that pass through their Level 1 Trauma Centers each year. 

Today, the Brett McCandlis Brown & Conner team will discuss dog bite fatalities by breed and what kinds of dogs to avoid. We will also talk about ways to keep your family safe. Most importantly, we will tell you how you can be compensated if you or a loved one are attacked by an aggressive dog.

What Dog Breeds Are Likely to Cause a Fatal Dog Bite Injury?

For nearly 20 years, the dog bite fatalities statistics by breed have been remarkably consistent. Two breeds have caused more than 75% of all dog bite fatalities: Pit bulls and Rottweilers. 

After that, the dog breeds most likely to cause a fatal dog bite include:

  • Mixed Breeds;
  • Boxers and boxer mixes;
  • All types of hounds;
  • Terriers; and
  • All types of shepherds.

Pit bulls, however, have long been the most dangerous of all breeds. Pit bulls were involved in over 66% of all reported fatal dog bite attacks over the last 16 years. The short, muscular stature and wide heads of pit bulls and some mixed breeds make them likely to cause injury if provoked. Because these dogs have strong jaws, once they place force on a bite victim, it can be impossible to stop an attack once it has begun.

Should I Watch Out for Any Other Dog Breed?

Any dog breed can be aggressive or dangerous. You should always be cautious of individual dogs, not only specific dog breeds. Small and medium-sized dogs are nearly as likely to inflict dog bite injuries on you or your child as their larger counterparts. The dogs that rank just below pit bulls and Rottweilers in terms of aggression include:

  • Dachshunds;
  • Short-stature mixed breeds;
  • Beagles; and
  • Jack Russell Terriers.

If you have been injured by any of these smaller dog breeds, contact Brett McCandlis Brown & Conner today. Our Washington dog bite lawyers can help.

Who Is Impacted by Dog Bite Injuries?

The rate of dog bite injuries is highest among children ages five to nine years old. In fact, the Humane Society estimates that 51% of all dog bite victims are children. More than one-third of all dog bite fatalities over the last 16 years have been among children under age 10.

Therefore, all parents should educate their children about how to interact with strange dogs. Help your children to understand the types of behavior that can upset, hurt, or provoke a dog to bite. They should also be able to identify warning signs that a dog may not be friendly. Learning these skills could save their life!

Filing a Lawsuit After a Dog Bite Injury 

What the Law Says

Washington dog laws make clear that an owner is responsible for a dog’s bite, regardless of whether a dog is considered “vicious” or not. If you or a loved one has been the victim of someone’s aggressive dog, you deserve to be compensated for your injuries. But filing a claim in a dog bite injury case can be extremely complex. It may include fighting with the dog owner, their insurance company, and even the owner of the property where the attack happened. Working with skilled Washington State dog bite lawyers can make the process a lot easier. These claims can become even more complex in cases of dog bite fatalities. If a loved one has died from a dog bit, be sure to speak to a Washington wrongful death lawyer right away. 

Filing Insurance Claims or Lawsuits

Whether the bite causes you to file a claim for wrongful death or simply for an injury, there is a possibility the claim is covered by the dog owner’s or property owner’s insurance. In that case, the insurer may simply deny your claim for payment. If the insurance company denies liability for your claim, your next step may be filing a lawsuit. If you have to file a lawsuit in a dog bite injury case, you will need to find an attorney who is not afraid to take your case to court. When you retain the Washington State dog bite attorneys at Brett McCandlis Brown & Conner, you have a legal team with over 40 years of combined litigation experience working on your case.

Potential Damages

The damages you may be eligible to receive as a survivor in a fatal dog bite case may include:

  • Medical expenses;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Emotional distress; and
  • Loss of consortium.

This is not an exhaustive list of potential damages you may be able to recover after a fatal dog bite. Due to the horrific nature of a dog attack, an experienced attorney should be able to help you get the compensation for pain and suffering that you deserve.

The Brett McCandlis Brown & Conner Difference

As Washington’s premier dog bite injury law firm, we know the best way to build a strong case. After collecting the evidence we need, we can fight for you at the negotiating table or in the courtroom if that becomes necessary. We also understand the physical and psychological trauma that an injury like this can cause, and we want to pursue your case for you while you take the time to recover. Don’t wait to call us. Contact us today to schedule an introductory meeting. An initial consultation with our team is free, so you have nothing to lose by meeting with our attorneys. Let us put our deep Washington State roots to work for you and help fight for the compensation you deserve and need after a dog bite injury or wrongful death.

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