Celebrating Father’s Day: Avoid Buying Gifts That Can Injure Your Dad

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Buying safe gifts during father's day.

Every year when June rolls around, we all get the opportunity to show our fathers just how much they mean to us. Yes, Father’s day is a special day. While many people love to shower the important men in their lives with gifts, men can sometimes be a bit difficult to buy for. To buy a gift that your dad will love and cherish for years, you may want to think over some of your dad’s hobbies. Does he like to paint? Is he the consummate do-it-yourselfer? Does he like sports or building things?

We all think about these things when trying to decide on a gift for dad. But many people, men in particular, have hobbies that can be somewhat dangerous. Or if the activity itself is not dangerous, it could require the use of equipment that must be handled with extra care. Today we’ll look at some aspects of safe Father’s Day gift-giving that you may not have previously thought about.

Analyzing Dad’s Hobbies

Fathers across America enjoy a wide variety of pastimes. Your father might love to sew, garden, or engage in other innocuous pastimes. If so, there is not a high likelihood that dad will get hurt using the tools necessary to engage in these activities. But if your dad is into sports, carpentry, or any number of other hobbies, they may have an elevated risk of exposure to injury.


By definition, sports require physical movement. And a body in motion is more likely to get injured than one sitting completely still. In fact, many sports are interesting and fun precisely because they involve participants pushing their bodies to the limit. How fast can that person run a mile? How many blows to the face can that boxer take before they fall over? How fast can the boat go before the water skier crashes into a wave?

When it comes to sports, it’s all about competition. And if you can outrun, outscore, or simply perform better than the rest—you win! But getting in shape to win typically takes repetitive practice, the use of specific equipment, and serious commitment. Let’s take a look at some sports activities that hold a significant risk of injury.


People don’t often think of basketball as dangerous. But when you have a bunch of people running around on a hardwood floor or pavement and repetitively making quick and sudden movements, accidents can happen. This sport does not typically see a lot of serious injuries, but moderate injuries are quite common in basketball.


Football and its more rugged European counterpart, rugby, are sports that carry a significant likelihood of injury. The sheer amount of brute force necessary to block and tackle make these sports inherently dangerous. Because of the constant impact of bodies clashing, broken bones, concussions, and other head injuries are not uncommon in football.


Soccer is another sport that people think is quite safe because they view it as less of a contact sport than football. However, soccer injuries are quite common both in the US and abroad.

Water and Snow Sports

Surfing, water skiing, snowboarding, snow skiing: all these sports carry a significant risk of injury because they involve putting something on your feet besides shoes with the intention of moving fast. And with water sports like hang gliding and water skiing, you allow yourself to be pulled by a boat at fast speeds through the water. All this adds up to potential injury.

Think Safety When Buying Gifts for the Sports Enthusiast

Obviously, there are many more sports we could list here. Swimming, running, cycling, motocross, hockey, boxing, and a whole host of other sports can result in injuries to your dad. So if he enjoys any sport, perhaps you could consider purchasing safety equipment as a gift. If dad likes cycling, buy him a personalized helmet to make his day. Or instead of a new snowboard, get him top-of-the-line goggles and personalized gloves. Get creative, and you might just be able to make your father’s favorite sport more fun and safe for him to play.

Gifts for the Do-It-Yourselfer

If your father enjoys building things, he probably uses dangerous equipment often. Obviously, dangerous construction equipment includes:

  • Nail guns,
  • Power saws,
  • Grinders,
  • Power drills,
  • Chain saws,
  • Axes, and
  • Wood chippers.

Even seemingly innocuous items like ladders and hammers can cause injury if not handled properly. But if these activities are what your dad likes, why not think about safety equipment for Father’s Day? Protective eyewear, noise blockers, or top-of-the-line protective gloves may be good options that show your dad how much you care.

What to Do If Dad Gets Hurt

No matter what you do, sometimes gifts can contribute to injury. Even seemingly harmless gifts can cause injury if the product malfunctions. So if dad gets hurt, the first thing to do is help him seek medical attention. After that, speak with a knowledgeable and compassionate injury attorney. They can look at the case and determine whether negligence or product liability laws have been broken. If so, your attorney can get to work assessing the damages, and filing a claim for compensation from the responsible party.

For instance, suppose you rented a boat and driver to take your dad water skiing for Father’s Day. However, the driver got reckless and drove too fast, causing your father injury. You might be able to sue the driver for negligence and get compensation for your dad’s medical bills and time he lost from work as he recovered. Or suppose you bought your dad a ladder that suddenly collapsed on him. Your lawyer can assess whether or not this amounts to product liability and file a claim against the manufacturer if warranted.

Let Us Help

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