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If you have been injured or lost a loved one in an accident, do you know your legal rights? Most people don’t, and unfortunately, this means that most people fail to seek the compensation to which they are legally entitled. At Brett McCandlis Brown & Conner PLLC, our Bremerton personal injury lawyers understand that you are going through a challenging time, and we also understand just how critical it can be for accident victims and their families to secure the compensation that they deserve.

This is why we take a full-service approach to handling our clients’ personal injury and wrongful death claims in Bremerton, WA. While you focus on getting better or coping with your loss, we will focus on making sure you receive a full financial recovery. We have decades of experience and we are passionate about what we do, and this has resulted in millions of dollars in compensation for our clients’ injuries and losses.

Types of Cases We Handle

Our experienced Bremerton personal injury lawyers handle both personal injury and wrongful death cases involving all types of accident in the Bremerton area. This includes cases involving:

We also regularly represent clients who have suffered injuries and lost loved ones due to:

No matter what happened, if you suffered a serious injury or lost a loved one and you believe that another person, a company, or a dangerous product or medication may be to blame, our Bremerton personal injury lawyers encourage you to contact us promptly for a free consultation.

Don’t See Your Accident Listed Above?

If you do not see your accident listed above, we can still help you pursue a financial recovery. This is just a list of the types of cases we most frequently handle. Our Bremerton personal injury attorneys have decades of experience representing clients who have suffered all types of serious injuries in all types of unexpected accidents. Click the links below to learn more about our experience in cases involving your type of injury or loss:

Make the Right Choice for Your Bremerton, WA Personal Injury or Wrongful Death Claim

When you need to protect your legal rights, your choice of legal representation matters. Here are ten reasons t0 choose Brett McCandlis Brown & Conner PLLC:

1. We Do More than Just Handle Your Case.

Beyond handling the legal aspects of your claim, our experienced Bremerton personal injury lawyers can refer you to trusted doctors and medical facilities that will provide the treatment you need for your injuries.

2. We Do Everything From Start to Finish.

We handle our clients’ cases from start to finish. Taking immediate action can be crucial, and we will do what is necessary to help you secure maximum compensation.

3. We Keep Your Long-Term Needs in Mind.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is settling too soon. Our Bremerton personal injury lawyers want to make sure that you have the compensation you need not just now, but in the years to come.

4. You Can Say Goodbye to Your Insurance Adjuster.

As part of our full-service representation, we will deal with the insurance companies on your behalf.

5. We Put Decades of Experience on Your Side.

Our Bremerton personal injury attorneys have over 40 years of combined legal experience. In personal injury and wrongful death cases, experience matters – we put experience on your side.

6. We Focus Exclusively on Cases Involving Personal Injuries and Wrongful Death.

Our Bremerton personal injury attorneys focus our practice exclusively in the areas of personal injury and wrongful death. We do not spread ourselves too thin, and we remain 100 percent loyal to protecting the best interests of our clients.

7. You Only Pay if We Win Your Case.

With our contingency-fee representation, you do not pay any legal fees unless we are successful in helping you secure financial compensation.

8. We Know What it Takes to Win.

As our case results show, we know what it takes to win for our clients.

9. We Will Keep You Fully Informed Every Step of the Way.

It’s your case, and it is important that you remain fully informed every step of the way. Our Bremerton personal injury lawyers will always keep you updated so that you can make smart decisions about protecting your legal rights.

10. The Bottom Line: We Get Results for Our Clients.

In summary, clients trust us because we get results. They appreciate our personal service, and they rely on our decades of experience to help them secure just compensation.

What to do When Bit by a Dog

Being attacked and bitten by a dog is a very traumatic experience. A dog attack can be shocking and violent and cause significant injuries. At Brett McCandlis Brown & Conner PLLC, we have been successfully representing Bremerton dog bite victims for over two decades.

Dog owners are responsible for the actions of their pets. Even though most dogs are nice, every once in a while a dog that appears tame can attack someone. To take proper responsibility, dog owners should:

  • Have their dog properly restrained when it is in public;
  • Keep their dog adequately contained when they are unable to supervise;
  • If their dog has a history of aggression, make sure that others are warned and that safety precautions are taken to protect others from the aggressive dog;
  • Recognize signs that their dog might be too aggressive and, if so, provide proper training; and
  • Keep their dog calm, especially when around other people.

Under the dog laws of Washington, a dog owner is responsible for any injuries or damage that their pet causes. Also, under the law, a dog doesn’t get “one free bite” as in other states. An owner can be held responsible even when a dog bites someone for the first time.

We have successfully represented people with serious injuries and helped them receive the pain and suffering compensation they deserve. We use our knowledge, skills, and resources to fight for your rights when you’ve been seriously injured.

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