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Bellingham Washington Injury Lawyers

In 2017, there were 372 fatalities stemming from motorcycle accidents, with 18 of these crashes occurring in Whatcom County; this accounts for more than 15% of fatal traffic accidents in Whatcom County. Most fatal motor vehicle accidents in Washington occur between the spring and summer due to more bikers being on the roads during these seasons. Because motorcyclists lack surrounding protection on their vehicles, they are more susceptible to suffering serious injuries or death when involved in an accident.

At Brett McCandlis Brown & Conner PLLC,  we have worked closely with accident victims and their families to recover fair compensation after being injured by the negligent acts of others. Contact our Bellingham motorcycle accident lawyers to position a zealous legal advocate on your side.

Factors that Contribute to Washington Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accident lawyer in Bellingham, WA

Motorcycle crash accidents in Bellingham, and throughout Washington, may be caused by a number of contributing factors, including:

  • Speeding – Speeding is a leading cause of all types of auto accidents, but is particularly dangerous to motorcyclists who lack protection.
  • Impairment – Drivers who drink or do drugs while driving place other motorists at extreme risk.
  • Illegal moves – Some accidents are caused by illegal driving maneuvers, either by the driver in the passenger vehicle or the motorcyclist; examples include lane sharing and failing to yield the right-of-way.
  • Inexperience – Riding a motorcycle requires a different set of skills than driving a traditional motor vehicle. Motorcyclists who do not know how to turn into the direction they are traveling or avoid slick roads and other road hazards may make mistakes and be more prone to injury.
  • Unsafe lane changes – Motorists may often change lanes without signaling and quickly drift in and out of the lane without incident. However, unsafe drivers who do not check their surroundings before changing lanes may sideswipe a motorcyclist.
  • Car doors – Motorists who open their car doors into traffic can place unsuspecting motorcyclists at risk.
  • Sudden stops – A vehicle that suddenly stops in front of a motorcyclist, or that rams into a motorcycle that stops in front of it, can cause a deadly collision.
  • Left turns – Many motorcycle collision accidents are caused when a driver turns in front of a motorcyclist because the driver failed to look out for these lower-profile vehicles.
  • Motorcycle defects – Defects in the motorcycle itself, or its parts, can cause an accident.
  • Dangerous road conditions – Dangerous road conditions like potholes, debris on the roadway, or crumbling pavement can pose a deadly hazard to motorcyclists who can be flung from their vehicles.

Our knowledgeable Bellingham motorcycle accident lawyers will thoroughly investigate the evidence involved in your case and determine the parties responsible for your injuries.

What an Experienced Bellingham Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Do for You

Bellingham Motorcycle accident attorneyOur experienced Bellingham motorcycle accident attorneys can take immediate steps to guide you through the personal injury process.

We recommend that you seek immediate medical attention after a motorcycle crash accident in order to protect your health and your claim. Keep all original copies of your medical records, as this information will be very important to your claim.

Our dedicated attorneys will also take prompt steps to preserve important evidence in your case so that it is not lost. This evidence may help show how the accident happened and who is at fault for it.  By compiling your medical records and thoroughly investigating your claim, we can negotiate from a position of strength with the insurance company.

We can handle communications with the insurance company so that you can focus on your recovery. If the insurance company does not offer a fair settlement that fully compensates you for the damages you have sustained, we can proceed to trial with your case. We will fight for every dollar you deserve after being harmed by a negligent driver.

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After a serious motorcycle accident impacts your life, it is critical to have a dedicated Bellingham motorcycle accident attorney on your side. Brett McCandlis Brown & Conner PLLC has helped victims in Bellingham and Whatcom County recover significant settlements and verdicts after being harmed in a motorcycle accident. We have successfully represented thousands of clients and have recovered compensation in 97% of the cases we have handled, so we can offer you a contingency fee arrangement in which our payment comes from your award.

Our highly-skilled attorneys in the Bellingham area also handles other legal services for people seriously injured in a variety of ways, including auto accidents, semi-truck accidents, medical errorswrongful death, and others.

We can discuss your legal rights and all available options during a free case consultation. Contact our Bellingham motorcycle crash lawyers today.