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Bainbridge Island, a town of about 24,000 residents, coexists with the island it is named after. Its dazzling scenery is no surprise, given its charming architecture and its location in the middle of Puget Sound surrounded by the Cascade Mountains, the Olympic Mountains, and the towering Mt. Rainier. The town’s attractions are so magnetic that in 2005, CNN/Money and Money Magazine listed it as the second-best place to live in the entire country.

Despite its somewhat sequestered geography, Bainbridge Island is no isolated castaway refuge. Physically, State Route 305 connects the island with Kitsap Peninsula on the mainland through Agate Pass Bridge, and the Seattle-Bainbridge Ferry connects the town to downtown Seattle only 35 minutes away. Digitally, Bainbridge is more well-connected than most cities on the mainland – in fact, in 2013, Google recognized the town with an eCity Award for hosting one of the most vibrant online business communities in the state of Washington.

The Dark Side of Wonderland

Living on Bainbridge Island can make you feel like you’re “on vacation all the time,” as more than one resident has put it. With the island’s dependence on State Route 305 and the popularity of various outdoor sports, however, mishaps are inevitable. A serious accident or a tragic fatality can send your life tumbling into an abyss in a fraction of a second. When a catastrophe like this happens, it can seem like the world is collapsing on you. Not only do you have to deal with shock, pain, and grief, but you may also face sudden financial difficulties that you are in no emotional condition to handle.

That is where we come in, at least if there is a good chance that the accident was caused by the negligence or misconduct of someone else. At Brett McCandlis Brown & Conner PLLC, our Bainbridge Island personal injury attorneys possess decades of combined experience in successfully handling claims like yours. We understand what you are going through, and we absolutely will not allow you to be taken advantage of by stingy insurance companies or anyone else. Contact us today to speak with a skilled Bainbridge Island personal injury lawyer at 1-800-925-1875 or fill out our online contact form (scroll down to the bottom of any page on our website) so that we can schedule you a free consultation on your case.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much can I ask for as a relative of someone who died in an accident?

To file a viable wrongful death claim in Washington State, the facts of the case must be such that the deceased victim could have filed a personal injury lawsuit if he or she had survived the accident. You may file a wrongful death lawsuit if you are the personal representative of the deceased victim’s estate (often a close relative); the spouse, domestic partner, or child of the deceased victim; or, if the victim was a child under 18, a parent who regularly contributed to the financial support of the victim.

You can receive compensation for the victim’s last medical bills, funeral and burial expenses, lost income caused by the untimely death, the pain and suffering of the deceased victim, property damage caused by the accident, and the loss of your own intangible psychological benefits such as companionship. In some cases, you may be eligible for punitive damages (see below).

What are my chances of obtaining punitive damages?

In Washington, you can only obtain punitive damages if you are also awarded ordinary compensatory damages. In other words, punitive damages are awarded in addition to compensatory damages – not as a substitute for them. To qualify, the defendant must have caused the harm complained of through illegal activity or outrageous negligence. An accident caused by a drunken driver is a classic example of a case that may be eligible for punitive damages. You will need a skilled Bainbridge Island personal injury attorney, however, because Washington courts are normally a bit reluctant to award punitive damages.

How much can I receive for pain and suffering?

Pain and suffering” damages are classified as non-economic, or intangible, damages. They are awarded for the physical suffering and/or mental anguish caused by your injuries. They should not be treated as an afterthought because in many cases a plaintiff can receive far more in pain and suffering damages than the total of all economic damages combined (medical expenses, lost wages, etc.). Although there is no way to determine the exact amount of pain and suffering damages you could be eligible for, in many cases, it is calculated as a multiplier of the sum of your economic damages. This multiple may turn out to be 1.5 or even four, depending on how much physical suffering your condition entailed and how skilled your personal injury lawyer is.

What should I do when I’m attacked by a dog?

Bainbridge Island is a huge tourist destination and has many parks for visitors. There are even off-leash dog parks like Strawberry Hill Dog Park. On any given day, there are a lot of dogs on the island. Even though most dogs are great pets and lovely to be around, sometimes even nice dogs get scared or possessive and bite someone. Every year there are many dog attacks on both adults and children on Bainbridge Island. If you have suffered a serious attack by a dog, contact the Bainbridge Island dog bite lawyers so that you can be fully compensated for your injuries.

Bainbridge Island has an animal control authority that is run by the Kitsap Humane Society. The municipal code has many provisions and requirements to keep dogs under control and on a lead if they are out in public. The only exceptions would be at a designated dog park. The authority also has the power to declare a dog “potentially dangerous.” There are 3 levels of potentially dangerous dogs, and depending upon the level, the dog owner may be required to provide liability insurance on their dog or even have to complete responsible dog ownership classes.

Washington’s dog law is very clear: A dog owner is responsible for the injuries and damages their dog causes, even if this was the first time the dog bit someone. The only defense a dog owner has is if the victim was illegally on their property or if the dog was provoked somehow.

The best course of action is to contact the Bainbridge dog bite attorneys as soon as possible. There is a three-year time limit to filing claims against dog owners. Let us help you get the compensation you deserve.

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