$650,000 for devastating hand injury in industrial work accident in Washington

Personal injury lawyer David Brown helped his client Jason after Jason, a hardworking military veteran, was horribly injured in a work-related industrial accident. The injury happened when Jason was working on a dangerous piece of equipment, a saw-milling machine, that had had the safety guards removed by the mill owner’s staff. Jason’s left hand was mangled and rendered essentially useless, or as his doctors described, it would only function as a “helper hand.” He would never be able to return to the job or the industry in which he had spent years building a career.

Jason had undergone multiple surgeries in an attempt to make his hand more functional, and was facing more surgeries in the future. His medical bills topped $285,000. He knew he had future medical bills to deal with, and he knew he needed help.

David Brown took Jason’s case. In the process of building a full claim and collecting all the documentation of the accident and the injury, David took the depositions of the company’s managers and other employees, where it was shown that the employer lied about operations at the mill, lies that were exposed through the depositions of other staff.

While most work-related accidents and injuries in Washington State need to be handled within the Labor & Industries Department, since state law forbids an employee from suing their employer, this case was different because Jason was employed by a temporary agency to work at the mill. This is called a third-party claim, and it was the saving grace of the horrible situation Jason found himself in.

After extensive negotiations, attorney David Brown secured a $650,000 settlement for Jason, which would allow him to deal with his current and future bills while maintaining his lifestyle and getting retrained to join a new profession.