5 Tips for Staying Safe During the New School Year

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Car Accident Lawyers Offer Safe Driving tips for Washington Drivers

Whether you are a parent with children returning to school or you are returning to college classes this fall, the chances of being involved in an accident tend to increase during the start of the school year. From people rushing their children to school to drivers forgetting to look out for pedestrians, you have a few hazards out there on the roads.

Prepare yourself for the back-to-school season by being aware of the dangers and doing what you can to stay safe.

5 Common Hazards to Avoid at the Start of the School Year

Summer has come to an end, and back-to-school is here. Share the roads safely and do your part to avoid being the cause of a catastrophic incident by following these essential safety tips:

  1. Prepare teen drivers for the road. If your student has received his or her driver’s license during the summer, now it is time to prepare them for driving to school. Teen motor vehicle accidents spike in September, particularly since students head back-to-school. Remind your teens not to drive while distracted, follow the posted speed limits, and share the road.
  2. Cross the road with caution. Pedestrian accidents also spike at the start of the school year. Motorists must remind themselves how to slow for students and adhere to school zone speed limits. Before you cross, look both ways and make eye contact with any drivers coming up to the crosswalk. Also, be sure to only cross in crosswalks so that you increase the likelihood you are seen by vehicles.
  3. Put the phone down. As a driver, do your part by driving responsibly. Put the phone down. Do not take phone calls, answer texts, or jump on social media while waiting in traffic. Instead, give the road your full attention.
  4. Maintain your vehicle. Vehicle maintenance is necessary. To keep up with the rush of the new school year, have your tires rotated, oil changed, and brakes inspected to make sure your vehicle is safe.
  5. Wear a helmet while riding a bike. Whether you or your children take two wheels to work or school, make sure everyone wears a bike helmet. A bicycle helmet could be the difference between a traumatic brain injury, and a recoverable injury from an accident.

You cannot control the actions of others. However, the more diligent you are in your actions, the less likely you are to be the cause of a serious accident. When someone else harms you or a loved one because of their negligent actions, the law gives you options for recovering damages and holding them accountable.

Turn to an Advocate After a Serious Injury

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