Settlement Amount: $475,000
Back & Spinal-Cord Injuries
Product Liability

Brett McCandlis Brown & Conner attorney Dean Brett was contacted by a man who had suffered a serious spinal cord injury after falling when the exercise machine he had recently purchased broke, throwing him to the floor.

The stair climber, which our client had purchased fully assembled, collapsed when one of the plastic steps snapped. Our client fell and struck his head and shoulder.

Dean collected the pieces of the broken machine and had them inspected, proving that the defect was caused at the factory when a worker over-tightened the bolts, causing cracks that grew over time and allowed the screws to pull out.

The fall caused a spinal cord injury that required surgery and extensive medical treatment, resulting in more than $95,000 in medical bills and the loss of his long-standing job as a heavy equipment operator.

Dean took on the insurance company of the major company that manufactured the defective machine, and secured a $475,000 settlement for his client.