Settlement Amount: $35,000
Neck Injury
Product Liability

Brett McCandlis Brown & Conner attorney David Brown took on a challenging case with a client who had been to two prior attorneys, both of whom reached out to the at-fault party, were told they wouldn’t get any settlement, and promptly quit. David took the time and effort to fully explore and manage the claim, resulting in a $35,000 settlement for his injured client.

David’s client sustained throat injuries after she swallowed a meatball that contained a large piece of metal fragment. The incident occurred at a local Costco store, where the meatball products were being given out as free samples.

After swallowing the meatball, David’s client felt immediate pain and discomfort, and was taken by ambulance to the local hospital where a surgical procedure removed a metal fragment from her throat, a procedure that resulted in $11,000 in medical bills.

David had a challenge in proving that the metal originated at the plant where the product was made. More challenging still was demonstrating that Costco was also liable for the defective product. After extensive negotiations, David secured a $30,000 settlement from the food manufacturer and $5,000 from Costco.