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Washington Auto Accident Attorneys

Have you been injured in an auto accident that was someone else's fault? Need helping easing your financial burden and stress?

Our Washington auto accident lawyers are compassionate, knowledgeable, and aggressive when it comes to fighting for your rights. From the moment you hire us, you can stop worrying about medical bills, lost work, insurance adjusters, damaged vehicles, and future expenses.

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Our Team

What makes our injury attorneys different from the rest? We help real people deal with real problems. It’s not just about money.

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Dean Brett

Dean’s years of experience allow him to efficiently manage his cases to achieve a positive result as quickly as possible. At the same time, he is not willing to settle a case for less than its full value. Additionally, Dean is a Federal Magistrate Judge and a professional mediator, positions that give Dean a broader perspective on how the justice system works and on the best negotiating techniques. He knows how the insurance company operates, and what the defense will try to do to devalue a claim.
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Paula McCandlis

The law lets me meet and work with so many interesting people with fascinating stories and histories. The law allows me to discuss legal issues from a layman’s perspective, a lawyer’s perspective, a judge’s perspective, and a philosopher’s perspective. I get to ask, answer, and think about the tough questions. And I get to take on the huge insurance corporations – and win.
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David Brown

What is important to me is that I sit down and talk to each client about the law, to explain the law that applies to his or her case. It is important to me to spend this time because I want each client to understand all legal options and then let them choose which option is right for them. I want clients to feel that they are calling the shots in their case. When an injured client has all the information about the facts of their injury case and understands the legal rules that apply, they can make a decision that is best for them personally.
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Matt Conner

Associate Attorney Matt Conner was raised in Bellingham and Ferndale. He received his undergraduate degree from Willamette University in Salem, with a double major in mathematics and economics, and then worked as an economist for the Office of Economic Analysis for the State of Oregon. He also gained additional professional experience in the fields of mortgage banking and real estate

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