Top Five Winter Liability Issues to Address

Categories: Car Accidents

Winter Liability Issues

Experienced Attorneys Fighting for Victims of Winter Accidnets in Washington State With winter in full swing, there are snowy roads, icy sidewalks, and a high risk for winter-related injuries across the state. Even if your home is not in a wintry area of Washington, you have the rains and ice to worry about. Not only…

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Will an Arbitration Clause Affect Your Personal Injury Claim?

Categories: Personal Injury

personal trainer injury

Washington Arbitration Clause and Personal Injury Attorneys Arbitration is a common course of action in personal injury lawsuits. Lately, they have been shown in the news for cases involving the NFL, and even Lance Armstrong. Arbitration, however, is nothing new. It is one of the many options for resolving a case. In some cases, however,…

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Liability Waiver Wins Lawsuit for LA Fitness

Categories: Personal Injury

liability waiver

Washington Injury Attorneys for Victims who Signed Liability Waivers When you sign up at your local gym, you might have to sign a contract or agreement. Often, you do not bother to read it. You probably assume that it states the usual legalese about your rights, but have you ever thought about the fine print?…

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Can You Sue for a Wrongful Death from a Failed Cosmetic Procedure?

Categories: Wrongful Death

wrongful death

Experienced Wrongful Death Attorneys Serving Victims of Failed Cosmetic Procedures throughout Washington State Surgeries carry risks, and elective procedures have risks that may outweigh the benefits. Elective procedures are those that the patient opts for, and are not life-saving procedures. Therefore, when an error occurs, the law is a little unclear. When a patient undergoes…

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Is Walking a Dangerous Way to Travel These Days?

Categories: Personal Injury

pedestrian accident

Injury Attorneys Serving Victims of Walking Accidents in Washington The Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center, powered by the U.S. Department of Transportation, has stated that pedestrian accidents are over-stated in accident data countrywide. They state that these accidents account for 14 percent of traffic fatalities, but only account for 10.9 trips. There is no reliable…

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Can a Minor File a Lawsuit in the State of Washington?

Categories: Personal Injury

accident involving minor

Experienced Attorneys Helping Minors File Injury Lawsuits in Washington When a minor is injured, parents or guardians of the minor may wonder if the child is able to file a lawsuit on his or her own against the negligent party. The process for filing an injury claim for a child is somewhat like an adult,…

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Samsung Hit with the First Lawsuit for Exploding Galaxy Note 7

Categories: Product Liability

galaxy note 7 lawsuit

Product Liability Lawyers Weigh in on Liability Issues for Washington Cell Phone Users Samsung has been in the news recently for explosion and fire issues associated with the Galaxy Note 7. In fact, earlier in October, the company announced that it would be recalling all Note 7s and removing them from production until a solution…

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Could Apple be Sued for Distracted Driving Accidents?

Categories: Distracted Driving

distracted driving

Experienced Attorneys Holding Responsible Parties Accountable for Distracted Driving Accidents across Washington Apple, the maker of the iPhone, Apple Watch, and other media devices certainly plays a role in distracted driving. However, those who have been injured by a distracted driver using an Apple device may wonder if Apple is liable for their injuries. According…

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How a Victim Recovers From a Traumatic Brain Injury

Categories: Catastrophic Injury

Doctor looking at Brain MRI

Compassionate Attorney Serving Families of Brain Injury Victims in Washington A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a severe injury – one that does not usually include a swift recovery. In fact, most people who suffer from a TBI will have long-term ailments, and some may never recover the life they once had. If you have…

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