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How We Deal With Drunk Drivers


Hi my name is Dean Brett and I sue drunk drivers.  Now normally I’m a pretty nice guy, but I have no patience for drunk drivers.  Drunk drivers destroy families. They kill fathers and mothers and children, they maim and destroy lives carelessly and needlessly.  If you’re watching this video you probably understand how I feel about drunk drivers and why I’m dedicated to decreasing the number of drunk drivers by making them pay for the damages they cause. 

Drunk drivers are irresponsible, that’s why they drink and drive, but they also tend to have no insurance, no money and no assets to help pay for the medical bills and shattered lives they cause.  Collecting damages from a drunk driver is a challenge; fortunately I like a challenge.   I sue drunk drivers and those who enable them.  In the state of Washington where I primarily practice, if the victim is fault free, someone who negligently enables a drunk driver can also be held responsible for all the damages they cause.

 Now let me give you a couple of examples:

A tavern is responsible if they fail to take adequate precautions to prevent service of alcohol to a minor, or if they continue to serve alcohol to a patron who is apparently intoxicated.  The Washington State Supreme Court recently upheld a $14 million award to a family who was slammed into by a drunk driver, against the drinking establishment that had let their bartender keep serving alcohol to her apparently intoxicated boyfriend.  The best way to stop taverns from enabling drunk driving is to make them pay for the damages drunk drivers cause, but it’s not just about taverns. 

Many drunk drivers are multiple offenders, on probation or parole.  We recently won a multi-million dollar verdict against a county probation department that failed to enforce a court order requiring a probationer to only drive a vehicle with an alcohol interlock device.  The best way to encourage parole officers and probation departments to enforce the terms of the sentences that drunk drivers receive is to make them pay for the damages that drunk drivers cause. 

That goes for law enforcement too.  We recently won a $5.5 million verdict against the police department of an officer who had arrested a drunk driver, then instead of locking her up or impounding her car, he drove her home, gave her back her keys and told her not to drive again until she sobered up.  Nine minutes later she called a taxi, got back in her car, crossed the center line and slammed head on into our client. 

So we sue drunk drivers and those who enable them to drive drunk.  So if you or someone you love is a victim of a drunk driver, give us a call.  We will provide a free evaluation of your situation and let you know what you can do to make drunk drivers and those who enable them pay for the damages they cause.  Thanks for listening.

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