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I found Mr. Dean Brett to be well informed and an excellent communicator. He always took the time to answer all of my questions, as well as explaining in detail, what to expect as we moved toward a settlement with my insurance company. I always felt comfortable with his guidance and I trusted him completely. I found Mr. Brett to be easy to talk to and I enjoyed his sense of humor. Watching him at work in my mediation, was a work of art. Before calling Mr. Brett about my auto accident, I asked three local attorneys; what attorney would they use if they were in my situation? All three recommended Mr. Dean Brett. They were absolutely correct! – Terry

After working with 4 other attorneys who only added fuel to fire, racked up bills and spun their wheels; Paula McCandlis accomplished more in the 4 months that I worked with her than did the previous three others over the course of 22 months! I was impressed by Ms. McCandlis' initiative to take a constructive lead and reach the finish line with efficiency and success. I wished I had found her 10 years ago! My stress level was greatly relieved by her calm, consistent, and confident navigation through the case. Paula worked extremely well, even under pressure, to get me positive resolve. Ms. McCandlis is professional and forthright in the courtroom. She encouraged me along the way, and was honest about realistic goals. Anyone finding themselves in a tenuous legal battle that want constructive closure without breaking the bank and losing their mind, ought to talk to Paula first! - Former client

I had two previous attorneys, both basically saying they could not help me AFTER taking my case. David Brown not only kept my case but did the research for naming the correct businesses responsible for my injuries. As a result, we filed a lawsuit and it was actually settled before going to trial. Throughout the whole process, David and his staff were always available to me. -Adele

I was working as a fire fighter paramedic, and was injured off the job in an auto accident. I was pensioned off the fire department, due to the injury, about two years after the accident. This was five years prior to my retirement. The dollar loss in wages and retirement was substantial. Dean and his staff were very professional, caring and successful in recovering the majority of my monitary losses. Dean is a very good communicator. He offers clear advice and reasonable discussions about what approach will work the best in your case. – Brian

Dean is that rare attorney with exceptional intelligence, people skills, and a down-to-earth approach to problem solving. I recommend him enthusiastically and without reservation. His handling of my accident case made it possible for me to move forward with replacing my car and with treatment for injuries while he focused on the legal work and dealing with the insurance companies. His paralegal was key to making everything work. She is an unbelievably gifted, super-smart professional who made communications go so smoothly that I never worried about the progress of the case. This review is nothing less than a rave--which is completely deserved. I surely hope I am never again crunched between a truck and another car but if I am ever again involved in an accident I will contact Dean Brett for legal help– Virginia

I have known Dean Brett for a little over 3 years. I was involved in a major automobile accident involving multiple parties. Dean and his staff were unbelievable to work with. Without their expertise in personal injury law I don't know where I would be today. I spent over a month at Harborview Medical Center and then another 3+ months at a nursing home. Mr. Brett and his staff helped to get all my medical bills paid as well as the best treatment possible for all of my extensive injuries. The lawsuit was tied up for well over 2 years, but in the end I was compensated for my loss. I would like to think nothing like this will ever happen again but if it does I know Dean Brett is who I will choose the represent me. – Hailey

I felt that Paula had exactly the right mix of fairness and firmness in settling my case. From the first meeting I felt she was able to understood my situation and offer advice . She continued to keep me updated as well as explain the process as it evolved. I was able to relax and feel confident that she was working for the best outcome. Personal injury client

In 2002 I was in an auto accident and suffered an injury to my lower back. This injury put my 20-year law enforcement career in jeopardy. When I started looking for a personal injury attorney I wanted somebody I could trust, had a high level of integrity and was the best at what they do. My search ended with Dean Brett and he lived up to his reputation. My case ended up lasting 6 years. Throughout the ordeal, Dean and his staff were focused on my situation, kept me informed and clearly explained my options. Dean is professional, trustworthy and extremely knowledgeable with the process. When my final settlement was reached I also found Dean to be very caring and compassionate. I would highly recommend Dean Brett for any personal injury situations. – Carr


I was a passenger in an auto accident that happened in Oklahoma. I called Brett Law Law Office because I was having problems paying my medical bills. Even before I hired David Brown, He had straightened out my problem. After filing the lawsuit, I was walked through the legal process, and was treated with kindness and compassion. My case was settled and I received a really good settlement.

-Personal Injury Client


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