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Wrongful Death Results

Zac Springer's mother contacted Brett Law attorney Dean Brett to seek a second opinion after her initial lawyer advised that the claim was not worth pursuing. Since her son Zac had died in a jet ski accident and there was no automobile insurance available, he concluded that the claim had no recoverable value. Brett Law determined that homeowners insurance provided coverage for the homeowner's failure to supervise use of a jet ski while the family was on vacation. The Estate of Zachary Springer recovered $2.5 million for his tragic death in the jet ski accident.

Early one November morning, following heavy rains, a massive mudslide roared down Lookout Mountain into Cascade River Park, a recreational development in eastern Skagit County. Bill Bower, 74, Alice Bower, 73, and Betsy Jean Wilson, 63, were killed instantly. Claire Wilson, 64, was buried alive for 13 hours before he was pulled from the debris; he died 13 days later.

A towing company hired John Rideout, a well-known local drug addict, to drive one of its tow trucks. Rideout had previously been convicted of a series of crimes including Possession of Marijuana, Driving While License Suspended, Forgery, Theft, and Delivery of a Controlled Substance (Heroin). An admitted addict, Rideout shot up with heroin and smoked marijuana shortly before operating his tow truck. While impaired, Rideout drove his tow truck north on Zell Road in excess of the speed limit. He drifted over the center line and struck Landen Harless, a 14-year-old boy who was walking on the other lane with two companions facing traffic and pushing a bicycle.

Brett Law client Amar Dosanjh was killed while on the job, and the defendant, Baljit Bhatti, who was killed in the same accident, was Mr. Dosanjh’s employee, hired as a co-driver in his long haul trucking company. Bhatti negligently drove off the road, rolled the truck and killed both himself and Dosanjh.

The case was tried in Kittitas County where no prior verdict exceeded $100,000. His economic losses had to be based on an earnings history averaging less than $10,000 (Canadian) per year.

Fernandez and Giron v Yakima County is an example of what a diligent lawyer can do to build a successful negligent highway design claim.

Arnoldo Ramirez, Jesus Giron and Octaviano Olguin, three Hispanic field workers, were dispatched by a Yakima fruit company to haul a load of garbage to a local dump. As Ramirez drove up a road in rural Yakima County, the right front wheel slipped off the paved portion of the road. Ramirez was unable to control the truck, which hit a tree, killing the two passengers, Giron and Olguin.