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Motorcycle Accident Results

Attorneys Steve Knapp and Robert Warren’s client received multiple serious injuries when he was thrown off of his motorcycle at 60 mph after striking a 3-inch high vertical step-up as he merged from an on-ramp onto Interstate 5 after dark.  The vertical ridge had been left by a construction company that was doing road work at the location. The construction company had made no attempt to taper the step up, nor to mark it as hazardous in any way.

At 11 p.m. one evening, 16-year-old Jody Holz was riding his 750cc Yamaha motorcycle on a little-traveled road in Whatcom County, Washington State. Burlington Northern had parked a freight train with a black tank car across the county road while the disengaged engines traveled to a nearby track to pick up additional cars. Although two 10-minute flares were left at the crossing, the accident occurred after they had burned out, but before the crew had returned to pick up the train. Jody Holz collided with the tank car and died.

Our client Kyle was riding his motorcycle near Port Townsend, Washington when a large dog, who had escaped his owner’s yard, ran into the road. Kyle could not avoid the dog and was thrown from the motorcycle on impact. Kyle was taken to Harborview and treated for a broken ankle. His treatment included surgical fixation of the fracture and physical therapy.

Our client was a motorcycle rider who was seriously injured in a collision with a driver who failed to yield the right of way in an unmarked intersection. Our client was thrown by the crash over the hood of the car, and sustained a badly fractured right leg, among other injuries. His rare collectible motorcycle was seriously damaged.