Washington State Wrongful Death Attorney

A fatal injury is sometimes the devastating result of an accident

One of the most difficult aspects of our work as injury attorneys is the awful fact that many people do not survive their injuries after an accident. The shock and grief that families go through is always heart wrenching to witness, but gives us an intense motivation to help as best we can.

When our clients are the loved ones of a family member killed in a collision, our jobs take on deeper meaning as we work to help the families left behind. While our legal support can’t do anything to bring back a loved one or to lessen the grief and sorrow of families, our legal support can help families deal with the financial burdens they will face after a death.

What does a wrongful death claim look like?

Wrongful death cases are challenging and each one is unique, with its own facts, issues, and requirements. The law treats wrongful death claims differently, and special processes must be followed. The major difference is simply that the family is going through the grieving process while also dealing with the legal aspects they must go through after their loved one has died.

When we work with these special clients, we develop a partnership that goes far beyond the wrongful death claim itself.

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