Drunk/Drugged Driving Accident

Crashes caused by drunk or drugged drivers are the leading cause of accidents in Washington State

At Brett Law, our attorneys work with many, many clients who have been injured in collisions caused by drunk or drugged drivers.

Statistics from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention say that one-third of all traffic fatalities involve an impaired driver.

We've spent a lot of time trying to digest what this extraordinary statistic really means to our clients, to their claims, to our work, and to our communities. Since we have handled so many DUI accident claims, we have learned that:

  • Many drunk drivers are repeat offenders who regularly drink and then get behind the wheel;
  • Many should have monitoring devices, like ignition interlock devices, installed in their vehicles, but they don't;
  • Many repeat offenders are under the supervision of parole officers who should be monitoring the offenders' behavior, but aren't;
  • Drunk drivers who are underage had to obtain the alcohol illegally; the person or establishment who provided it can be held responsible;
  • Many drunk drivers have been over-served in bars, taverns, or restaurants, making those establishments responsible in part for the resulting DUI crash.

One absolute truth we know about impaired-driving crash claims is that it is crucial to immediately locate and speak with witnesses to the drunk driver's actions prior to, during, and after the crash. Bartenders, waiters, and other patrons often hold the key to information that enable us to fully support our clients' claims. But witnesses tend to disappear, and bartenders tend to have hazy recollections of events, so immediate contact is necessary to preserve a claim.

Which type of visitor are you?

The injury attorneys at Brett McCandlis & Brown have worked with hundreds of clients, and most fall into one of these four groups. Each type of client needs special support, and each has a different set of interests and concerns.

What does a successful DUI-crash claim look like?

When a Brett Law client is suffering from injuries caused by a collision with an impaired driver, we take special steps to identify the extent of their injuries and damages, and to determine how the collision affects our client's life, now and in the future. Many injuries require long-term, costly medical care, and we ensure that this cost is fully factored into the insurance-claim process. A successful claim is one in which our client receives a settlement or verdict that enables them to fully recover financially, and compensates them for their current and future losses.

Helping clients heal is our job, and we are very, very good at our job.

As injury attorneys, we have achieved exceptional results for our clients after a DUI crash, including: