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Construction Accident Attorneys

Construction Accidents

Construction injuries can happen from a variety of sources - a fall from an elevation, a crush from machinery, or a vehicle accident. One common aspect of a construction-site accident is that it can wreak havoc on a victim's career, finances, and ability to live a productive, pain-free life.

We represent clients across Washington State who are injured in construction accidents and seek prompt, full and just compensation for injuries caused by the acts of others. We have been helping personal injury victims win substantial settlements and awards for more than 40 years.

Construction workers face a wider variety of hazards and a greater risk of work-related injury or death than employees in any other U.S. industry. On average, two people every week lose their lives in work-related accidents in Washington State. Another 250,000 employees file workers' compensation claims due to job-related injuries and illnesses each year due to construction accidents.


While Washington State workers cannot sue their employers or co-workers for injuries caused in the workplace, they may file what is known as a “third party” action. If you have been injured in a construction accident caused by someone other than your employer while on-the-job, our personal injury attorneys have the training and experience to develop the critical evidence necessary to prove your construction accident claim.

Third party actions are in addition to Workers’ Compensation. A third party claim might be made against:

  • someone who is not a co-worker;
  • the manufacturer of defective equipment;
  • a property owner who failed to provide a safe environment or warn of hazards, or;
  • another contractor whose negligence caused the worker's injury on the job site.


Do not wait until it is too late to seek legal advice. If you have suffered an on-the-job injury caused by the actions of another party, contact our office today. We meet with construction accident victims across Washington State from our offices in Seattle, Everett, Spokane, Vancouver, Bellingham and Mount Vernon. We offer a free initial evaluation of your claim. You may be entitled to compensation.

Our attorneys will negotiate a prompt, full and just settlement or fight aggressively to ensure that you receive full maximum compensation.

We give proactive attention to the needs of each construction accident client. We help by coordinating medical payments, organizing documentation and supporting each client through the sometimes difficult claims process. Since insurance companies know our firm’s determination to litigate cases when a settlement offer is inadequate, we are usually able to resolve construction accident claims through negotiation. Call the construction accident and wrongful death attorneys at Brett Law today at 800-925-1875, 360-714-0900, or contact us via our online form.

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