Mount Vernon

When accidents occur in Mount Vernon, injured people need all the help they can get

After a serious Mount Vernon crash, injured people and their families find themselves thrown in a weird, stressful, sometimes scary new world. Before the accident, life was maybe busy, challenging, and stressful, but after the accident, life is always difficult. Since attorneys Paula, Dave, Matt, and Dean have vast experience working with injured folks, we wanted to provide information for injured people and their families as they move toward recovery.

The Mount Vernon first responders help reduce the damage caused by accidents

The Mount Vernon Police Department will take charge of the scene when the crash occurs within the city limits, and will create a traffic collision report. Go here to request a copy of the police report.

The Skagit County Sheriff's Department responds when an accident happens in the county. Go here to learn how to make a public records request.

Also, the Washington State Patrol keeps all of the Police Traffic Collision Reports for the entire state. This is where you go to get a copy.

The Mount Vernon Fire Department and the Skagit County Emergency Medical Services provide immediate help for injured victims. After an accident, many crash survivors want to reach out and thank their first responders for their help. You should – they save lives, and they are awesome.

"After my accident I felt like the walls were closing in on me. Having someone on my side made all the difference."

Healthcare providers in Mount Vernon take charge after an injury accident

Often the first post-crash experience for an injured person is being treated at one of Mount Vernon's nearby hospitals including Skagit Valley Hospital.

Getting emotional support after losing someone in a fatal accident is important

When a loved one is killed in a motor-vehicle accident, it is incredibly helpful for grieving family to work with a grief support organization or therapist who provides help and guidance. Go here to learn more about grief support.

The Mount Vernon and Skagit County court systems help accident victims deal with the criminal and legal aspects of a crash

The Skagit County District Court typically has authority over minor criminal matters, traffic tickets, and civil lawsuits where a small amount of money is involved. The Skagit County Superior Court handles felony cases and civil cases involving larger amounts of money.

Drunk-driving accidents are a huge problem in Mount Vernon

We hear every day from people injured in drunk-driving and drugged-driving crashes. We admire the work that Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is doing to reduce and prevent these collisions. Here's a link to the MADD site which provides great information on their efforts and how you can help.

For the Mount Vernon bicyclists and motorcyclists out there

In Mount Vernon, bicyclists and motorcyclists face a heightened level of potential danger on the roadways. To learn more about biking and motorcycling in the region, check out Washington Bikes and the Washington State Department of Licensing Motorcycle Safety Program.

Get Mount Vernon travel, traffic, weather, and road information from Washington State DOT

Since accident prevention, traffic, and road/transportation safety are key interests in any community like Mount Vernon, the Washington State Department of Transportation works to move people and vehicles safely, and to offer traffic and weather information that help drivers plan their travel. Also, the Washington State 511 phone system provides up-to-date information regarding travel, weather, road-construction projects, mountain pass conditions, and other information for travelers.

Regarding the insurance claim that is likely heading your way

Since we are injury attorneys, we have to think about that aspect of an accident. Regardless of the severity of the accident, most folks have to deal with an insurance claim. The Washington State Insurance Commissioner protects insurance consumers and provides great information on how insurance policies work. While minor crashes can be often be handled directly with your insurance adjuster, major accidents require more assistance.

Worried about handling your own insurance claim? You don't have to!

Reach out to Brett McCandlis & Brown

Reach out to Paula, Dave, Matt, and Dean if you are struggling with the aftermath of an accident and need some support and advice. They know what you are dealing with now, and they know what you will need to deal with in the future. You will know what to expect, you will know what your rights and options are, and you will not have to deal with insurance companies alone.