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The history of the city of Bellevue, Washington, is an illustration of how quickly a town can go from a tiny settlement to a thriving metropolis. Along the way, the city has changed from a bedroom community of nearby Seattle to a world-class business and technology hub with skyscrapers, a luxurious downtown shopping core, and traffic and road congestion that is one of the defining features of living in the Pacific Northwest.

Bellevue was first settled in 1869 by members of the famous Mercer family of Seattle. The area was quickly logged of its forests, and became known for its farms that provided fresh produce to the burgeoning population of Seattle, located just across Lake Washington. In 1913, ferry transportation was instituted across the lake, and Bellevue began to grow. In 1940 the Mercer Island Floating Bridge opened, a pivotal event for the growth and prosperity of Bellevue. By the time Bellevue was incorporated in 1953, it had 5940 residents. Steady growth continued, and by the 1980’s Bellevue had become a major business center.

One reason for Bellevue’s steady growth is its location to the east of Seattle, and its easy access via the two existing floating bridges and the huge Interstate 405 freeway that bisects the city. All three of these roadways are notorious for their challenging driving conditions, their constant road construction to accommodate population and business growth, and their extraordinary traffic jams. The approximately 200 personal injury attorneys who operate out of Bellevue are kept busy assisting clients who have been injured on the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge, the Interstate 90 Floating Bridge, and the 405 Freeway.

The floating bridges are efficient and offer stunning lake and mountain views, which likely contribute to the high number of car, truck, and motorcycle accidents. Interstate 90 in Bellevue is also the start of the I-90 corridor that leads drivers east across Snoqualmie Pass to the east side of the state and continuing on across the country to the US East Coast. The mountain pass offers extraordinary scenic vistas but also difficult winter driving conditions that cause numerous accidents, especially since the freeway is a major thoroughfare for tractor trailers carrying products across the state. Since Western Washington rarely receives snowfall, many accidents happen because drivers lack of experience, drive too fast in icy conditions, and operate vehicles that are not appropriate for snow and ice. Also, since Bellevue lacks a major light rail system and has a long-standing “driving culture”, most commuters drive their own vehicles, a situation that significantly increases traffic congestion and therefore accident and injury rates. The city of Bellevue is currently finalizing plans to institute light rail, but for now, traffic congestion remains a constant problem for the area.

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