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New study of national seat belt use shows significant increase in usage

The National Center for Statistics and Analysis has released its findings from the 2011 National Occupant Protection use Survey, which show that seat belt usage has increased significantly for many demographics, but for some passenger groups, the usage remains the same. Key findings include:

  • Usage of seat belts for children from birth to age seven increased from 89% in 2010 to 91% in 2011.
  • Seat belt usage in vans and SUVs for children from birth to age seven increased from 92% in 2010 to 97% in 2011.
  • Among passengers 8 and older, seat belt use in front seats continued to be lower among 16- to 24-year-olds than other age groups.
  • Seat belt use in rear seats remained steady at 74% in 2011.

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Statistics through the years have clearly shown that seat belts save lives and can decrease the severity of injuries in motor vehicle accidents. Unfortunately, the study also concluded that seat belt use continues to be lowest among the occupants in the 16 to 24 age range, which is the group with the highest percentage of injury and death due to auto accident. More public education is needed to encourage passengers in this age group to belt up every time they ride in a vehicle.

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