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Mass transportation in Bellevue – a system in transition

While Bellevue has a growing mass transit system, there are still not many viable options for many commuters in the region. King County Metro Transit offers bus, shuttle, and carpool choices that will meet the needs of some. But many people find that driving is the most logical way to get to and from work.

One expanding option for Bellevue is the expansion and HOV project that is ongoing on the SR 520 Bridge. The SR 520 Bridge Replacement and HOV Program will enhance safety by replacing the aging floating bridge and keep the region moving with vital transit and roadway improvements throughout the corridor which begins at I-5 in Seattle and extends to SR 202 in Redmond. When finished, the bridge will offer light rail transit options as well as carpool lanes, which will significantly enhance travel across Lake Washington.

Bellevue transportation systems – history of gridlock but improvement on the way!

Bellevue grew from a small agricultural community, founded in 1869, to a thriving business community when the Lake Washington Floating Bridge opened in 1940. With the opening of a second floating bridge that greatly improved access across Lake Washington, Bellevue’s growth accelerated again, and now the city is a leading business and retail center for Western Washington. Bellevue is the main Eastside hub for both the local transit authority, King County Metro, and Sound Transit the regional transit system.

Currently, only 8% of commuters use mass transit in the Bellevue area. While we hope this number rises with the availability of more commuting options, this means that Bellevue’s highways and roads are frequently clogged with vehicles. If you have been injured in an accident and need information about your rights and options, contact Brett Law today by calling 1-800-925-1875 or by completing our contact form. We offer a free initial consultation.