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Meet the Brett Law Legal Team

Brett Law lawyers are open, easy to talk to, and — most of all — effective.

We help people who have been injured and who are stuck dealing with an insurance company.

Our lawyers force insurance companies to pay claims — in full.

Dean Brett has 40 years’ experience managing personal injury and wrongful death cases, and his track record demonstrates his client-centered focus. Dean will not settle a case for less than its worth, and he will to go to trial to obtain the highest judgment possible. Dean also serves as a part-time Federal Magistrate Judge and a mediator.

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Paula McCandlis  brings her unique 16+ year background in family law and current expertise in personal injury law to fight for her clients’ rights and obtain the best results possible. Her negotiation skills and extensive trial experience are invaluable to her clients.

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David Brown  comes to Brett Law with valuable experience gained through his trial experience as a public defender. Combined with his focused experience in personal injury and wrongful death law, he is perfectly suited to aggressively pursue full settlements for each client.

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Rand Jack , a graduate of Princeton and Yale Law School, with more than four decades of experience practicing, advising and teaching law in Washington State.

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Delivering Results for Our Clients

Through the years, Brett Law has earned a solid reputation for our negotiation and litigation skills, especially among insurance companies that recognize and respect our firm’s ability to successfully try cases they fail to settle. Our results include:

  • A $5.5 million verdict against the Washington State Patrol and the Whatcom County Probation Department for negligence leading to a head-on collision – the largest personal injury verdict in the Skagit County’s history. 
  • A $2.3 million verdict against the Department of Natural Resources for deaths caused by a massive mudslide involving an old, defective logging road – the largest wrongful death verdict in Skagit County history at that time. 
  • A $2 million arbitration award in a breach of contract case involving the sale of Roche Harbor – the largest arbitration award in San Juan County history
  • An $800,000 verdict for the family of a man who was killed on the job in a trucking accident – the largest wrongful death verdict in Kittitas County history at the time. 
  • A $752,000 verdict for a young motorcycle rider killed in a railroad collision – the largest wrongful death verdict for a minor in Whatcom County history at the time. 
  • A $600,000 settlement for the families of two Hispanic field workers killed in an on-the-job truck accident – the largest wrongful death settlement at the time in Yakima County. 

In every case, Brett Law personal injury lawyers take the time to discover what each client needs, define the best strategies to meet their objectives, and assist them with any of their unique needs -- such as coordinating medical payments or working out compensation with their employers. Clients are always kept fully informed and can contact us at any time for an update about the status of their case. 

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